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Dear IMDb Editors, 
My name's Raúl Riebenbauer and I'm the director/producer/writer/cinematographer/editor of Vencejos and some others shorts, medium length and feature films, as you can check in my IMDb profile. 
The plotline and the tagline of Vencejos is pending for days and the trivia has been rejected.  
Excuse me, but I can't understand why this trivia has been rejected and nor why the plotline and the tagline are still pending of approval. You can check the plotline also in the description sheet accompanying Vencejos in Vimeo. It's also written in english. And the tagline is the essence of the plotline.
You can corroborate the trivia info: 
1) in the credit included at the beginning of the film (00:22):
2)  at the credit included at the end of the film (06:45):
3) at the description sheet in Vimeo:
4) at the interview made by Carles Francino, one of the most important Spanish journalists (his programme, La Ventana -The Window- is really well known), to Raúl Riebenbauer. The interview starts at 24:45 and at one moment, Riebenbauer explains how was the creation process of this short film: he shot between days 35-43 of the Covid-19 confinement at his home and he (me) was alone. Sorry, but the interview is in Spanish:

As I explain at the end of Vimeo's sheet, Vencejos is the second part of the trilogy Raíz (Root), that began with You fui Anderssen, another title directed by me -among others- that you have included in IMDb data base with no problems.
I hope that this explanations will help you solve this issue as soon as possible. 
Anyway, thanks a lot for your attention. I understand that edition in a data base like IMDb is not an easy work.
Excuse me if my English is not good enough.
Thanks a lot for your help.
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Posted 1 month ago

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Please include the 18-digit reference numbers of the submissions so an IMDb representative can review the updates and respond.
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The submission reference number: 200601-160012-432000
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Hi Raul -

I reviewed the above submission and can confirm that the related trivia item was approved and is now listed on the site;

If there are any further outstanding issues with the title (credits, plots, etc.), please post the submission reference number here and our staff can take another look.

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Hi Michelle,
Thanks a lot for your help!!!