Issues with Maigret Series with Rowan Atkinson

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Hello folks,

How does one go about converting entries that were added as separate TV Movies into a series? It doesn't look possible from simply editing a page but I thought I would post this in case I'm missing something.

In particular the four Maigret TV movies with Rowan Atkinson should be a series with four episodes. Every source I found shows this as a series with 2 seasons and 4 episodes. Here's what I found to corroborate this:

It should display as a series like this:
Series ran from 2016-2017, Seasons 1 & 2

Season 1
Maigret Sets a Trap, Original UK air date March 28, 2016
Maigret's Dead Man, Original UK air date December 25, 2016

Season 2
Maigret: Night at the Crossroads, Original UK air date April 16, 2017
Maigret in Montmartre, Original UK air date December 24, 2017.

It looks like this has to be fixed at the back end or it's created new as a TV Series and then the TV Movies are deleted. Let me know how I can correct this. Alternatively if I'm wrong and this shouldn't be a series let me know. :-D

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Posted 2 years ago

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Hi Karen -

If you are certain that "Maigret" was first released as a TV Series (and not first released as individual TV movies), you will need to submit a new title for the series.  Once the TV Series title has been approved, you will then need to submit the applicable episode titles.

Once the episodes are listed, you can then request a title merge for the standalone titles to the corresponding episode titles.

If you have any further questions or encounter problems submitting the applicable updates, please let us know here and we will be happy to help further.
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Hello, Karen. 

Adding to what Michelle said, some British TV series are indeed production-wise considered by channel separate TV movies and are added on IMDb as such. Unlike usual series which are released and filmed in bundle seasons, these are individual productions. Other examples include such franchises as "Hornblower" starring Ioan Gruffudd and "Sharpe" starring Sean Bean

As far as I know "Seasons" you have applied to Maigret series are not official and these probably should remain separate titles. 
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Hi Nikolay. About 90% of the programming I was is the British shows. :-) I'm familiar with a lot of the TV Movies that are produced (often based on a series of books, etc.). In most of those cases any references I found to conveyed them as Movies. What was different about this rollout of Maigret is that the references I found (other than IMDB) conveyed it as a TV Series but obviously the term "series" (even the ITV DVD) could have been applied after the fact as a way to bundle the set.

It had already occurred to me that the use of series might have been applied later and I planned to do more research before putting through a change (or not putting through a change) . Having said that I no longer have to do further research based on the info Stéphane provided although the process Michelle provided is good to know. :-)

Cheers all.

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Hi Karen,

I was first ready to agree with you, based on the sources you referred to. But then I hesitated because they actually refer to distribution or broadcast data (DVD/TV), rather than production data.

Research on information related to design and production tells us that it is four films ordered in two stages. BBC Worldwide and ITV do not refer to a television series, but rather to 'single Maigret films'.

Here are the consulted sources:

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Excellent. Thanks Stéphane.  :-D
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Hi Karen,

Based on the additional evidence provided by Stéphane, we believe that these titles should remain as individual movies and should not be changed to episodes of a TV series.