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It has come to my attention that someone has been submitting new entries to the database that are not movies at all. The filmographies of certain actors are filled with theatrical plays and TV or radio spots in which they participated (in their Movies section, no less!), most of which in no way have they been televised - or if they have, they should be submitted  otherwise.
These entries usually defy rules regarding capitalization and contain only basic data, sometimes incorrect too. What most of them have in common is a link to a certain site that is an equivalent to IMDB, only that site lists appearances and involvements in all types of media / performing arts.

Now, why does IMDB accept these entries? Well, it's difficult to doublecheck them - they're all Greek.


What can be done about this?

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Posted 2 years ago

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You are right about the Greek Part. Also The Site page on was rather extensive.
An IMDb Employee might be able to look at it. Because of the Greek content it's going to be hard for them to tell. Unless the have an Employee that can deal with Titles in Greek. (Speaks the language)

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I am more than willing to help the staff sort this out, since I am Greek. I sent an e-mail to IMDB via the Contact Form , listing every invalid title I've come across, but to no avail so far.

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If you could expand further on the specifics for each title. Present your case so to say. Every detail. Translate the Greek. Sort of like a lawyer in a courtroom. It will be much easier to decipher if you do. Then an IMDb Employee will be able to advise you to submit corrections or deletions by way of the edit function, or be able to correct or delete the erroneous info or listings. Thank you. If you have further questions. Just ask.
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These are all theatrical plays, never televised to the best of my knowledge, except where noted, all submitted as movies.

I'm not sure if translating all these titles would be of any help, but there are some easily recognizable plays among them, such as Chicago, Hello Dolly, Sophocles' Oedipus Rex (Oidipous Tyrannos), Strindberg's Miss Julie, Moliere's Tartuffe, Aristophanes' Pluto and Lysistrata.

Mpampa min xanapethaneis paraskeui (2016)
Spot Liodomitsos Diafimisi Kreata (2016) (Greek for: Liodomitsos Meat Market Advertisment - This is actually a radio ad!!)
horizoume leme (2015)
oi ellinikes marionetes (2015)
oi enteka agriokyknoi (2015)
o magemenos yfalos (2014)
Dyo gynaikes xoreyoun (2013)
Valton upourgo stin priza (2012)
Ta koritsia me ta mavra (2011)
I prigipissa kai o vatrahos (2009)
Thelei i ellada na kriftei (2009)
Hello Dolly (2005)
mia treli treli farma (2004)
Mia komodia (2002)
O autokratoras exei kefia (2000) (This credit is about the dubbing of a character in The Emperor's New Groove)
Pathiasmeni ginaika (2000)
Enas epitheoritis erxetai (1999)
Ginaika me paraisthiseis (1998)
Hraklhs (1997)
panagia ton parision (1996)
Kaukalithres kai tsitsiraula (1995)
O leprenths (1995)
Psila apo tin gefira (1995)
To augo (1995)
O arhontoxoriatis (1994)
Pothen aisxos (1993)
Adieksodo (1991)
i pentamorfi ke to teras 1991
Nan (1991)
Ehete gia vrisoules
Sixtireia 88 1988
Risogallo diafimisi 1987 (another ad, this time for a rice pudding!)
I diathiki mou (1986) (This is an episode of a televised play series)
Mpravo kolonelo 1986 (This is an episode of a televised play series)
O giros tou kosmou se 80 meres 1986
1985 Mia sto kastri mia sto petalo
1984 Oloi tous trelloi ektos apo mena
1984 opereta o vaftistikos
1984 Siganarelos (This is an episode of a televised play series)
1984 To panigiri  (This is an episode of a televised play series)
1984 Tou pasok tous to hava
1983 Kai tou pasok tis xaidos
1983 Mia statheri sizigos
1982 Chicago
1982 To ipostego
1982 To paihnidi tis trelas kai tis fronimadas
1982 To Troboni
1981 O drmos pros ton ano neo kosmo
1981 Ola bikan se taxi
1981 Ouranio toxo
1980 I kiria tou maxim
1979 Despoinis tzoulia
1979 Poliagapimene kai axehaste papou
1979 Scholeio ginaikon
1979 sintagmatarhis liapkin
1976 i opera tis pentaras
1976 Maria tou oktovri
1976 O glaros
1976 O lakkos kai i fava
1974 Ta pagana
1973 Peri onou skias
1973 Ta dentra pethainoun orthia
1972 oi vatrahoi
1971 i nifi tis koulouris
1971 oneiro kalokairinis nyhtas (Midnights Summer Dream)
1971 o vasilikos
1971 promitheas desmotis
1970 ekklisiazouses
1970 faoust
1970 Ploutos tou aristofani
1969 maria doksapatri
1969 o goltoni kai to neotero theatro
1969 oi ginaikes diaskedazoun
1969 sirano nte mperzerak
1968 Asterix kai kleopatra
1968 oidipous tirannos
1968 o tartoufos
1968 to fioro tou levante
1967 H wraia koimwmeni (This one's wrong on so many levels I can't even begin to explain)
1967 i thisia tou avraam
1966 taxidi
1966 troaditisses
1965 ippolitos
1965 lysistrati

There are possibly more I'm afraid.
I've been an IMDB member for more than 17 years and a long-time contributor to the database - this is the first time I encounter something like this.

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Chryssoula Diavati

That is a constant for all of the Titles. The Name Chryssoula Diavati is related to all of this. This is that "Presenting The Case" point I was making.
This is the work of one person adding all of their work into the title section. Since you read Greek. You need to group these so that they can be placed into the proper categories. Actual Titles. Other Works. Etc etc. Thanks.

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Most of these titles though do not belong in the database at all! They need to be deleted. It's not a matter of submitting them otherwise, it's a whole bunch of data that has nothing to do with IMDB.

All these entries have to be deleted. And only the IMDB staff is authorised to do that.

So I hope a member of the staff reads this.
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Hi Grybop -

Thanks for your report.  Please note that any time you encounter a title listing on the site that is ineligible, as per our guidelines, our preference is that you request a title delete, by selecting the "Title -> Delete a title" option on our Contact Form.

For the titles you listed above, I have filed a ticket for further investigation and our editors will take the appropriate actions.  Otherwise, if you see any further titles on the site that are not eligible please report for our editors to review. 

Thanks again for bringing this issue to our attention (as well as being a long-time contributor, 17 years is amazing!)
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Thank you for looking into this. I'll request a title delete once I see anything in the same vein, thanks again!

Also, I'm at your disposal for any help regarding the language barrier!
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Grybop, theatrical work, radio plays, non-English dubbing credits etc CAN be added to IMDb, but in the ”Other works” section. (Random) example:

Also, if (e.g.) the theatre play is televised or released on VHS/DVD etc, then it belongs to IMDb.

But sure, if the person ”only” (I love theatre, though) appeared on a stage play, it’s not listed on IMDb as a title (only to ”Other Works”).
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On that note, as an example, Tyler Perry has a number of video items in his filmography that are really just recordings of his stage performances.
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Grybop Grybop, while theatrical/stage plays and radio are not eligible for listings, TV is (even if it's just recording of a play with fewer cinematic qualities), so please specify which titles out what you have notified are TV. Even if these are commercials: they recently became eligible by IMDb standards as well (example: Barilla: Cafè), among with music videos. So, if we are talking about a televised commercial of a play, for example, it might be perfectly eligible.  

Adding to what Eboy said, it's great that you have notified IMDb of that problem, but if some eligible titles will get deleted it will be a problem as well.
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Hi Grybop Grybop,

Thanks for your patience while we looked into this, and apologies for the delay in our response.

Our data team have investigated a selection of these titles and have found that a number of these are in fact eligible for listing. A couple of examples include: 

A televised theatrical play: 
An aired commercial/advert:

Therefore we will not be bulk removing these titles as a number of these could well be eligible for listing and would therefore be incorrectly removed. It may be that some of these title types are incorrect and may need changing to a "Video" if they did not release theatrically. You can use the "Edit Page" button to submit an update to any incorrect title types.

Please refer to our guide on new title eligibility here:

If you identify any further ineligible titles, please report them via our contact form as Michelle refers to above. 

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,