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I have a large list.....5 pages. It would be nice if I could jump from page to page. For instance if I wanted to go from page 2 to 5 without scrolling through each page. Thank you.
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Actually, I would prefer them to create a longer list, such as 2000 to 2500 items per page. They claim that this would cause bandwidth problems; however I don't think that is necessarily true, as the function to allow immediate rating of the film appears to take up nearly 90% of the data stream. Get rid of this ability, and they could increase the compact list page size to 2500 with little or no increase in the transmitted page size.

With the current policy of alphabetizing by the leading A or The it is more important than ever to be able to move from any point in the list to the start or to the 'T's.

I posted the following comment when the new lists supplanted the far more useful to me 'My Movies' section, but received no sign that they paid any attention to it.

Why are you so totally fixated on Ratings? Why in the name of all that is holy do you include the option to add or change the rating for every title in a compact list? You stated that you cannot list all items in a single page, but have to hold it to 250 because the page gets too big. Of course it gets too big!

I decided to check on the amount of wasted space, and I chose Dr. Strangelove as it has a long title so you won't accuse me of trying to stack the deck. The statistics I got were:

Total characters (including <tr> and </tr>) : 3572
Characters with the function removed : 449
Characters in function : 3123

The option to allow a user to rate a movie while in the list makes the compact list nearly EIGHT times the size it could be. In other words removing this option would allow the page to expand to 2000 items and still remain the same size it is now!

So how helpful is this option? I can't believe that a user will add or change the rating even 0.1% of the times the title is displayed. Let's look at the great difference this option makes.

With Rating function included: click 'Rate' (or current rating); click appropriate star. Total: 2 clicks.

Without Rating function: click title; click appropriate star; click 'Back' button on browser. Total 3 clicks.

You have increased the page size 8 times in order to save ONE click on the few times the user wishes to rate a title. Surely even the cost of loading the Title page the few times it is required would be far less than the cost of sending all the extra data in every compact list.
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This idea is similar to yours. You may wish to +1 the idea and add comments as appropriate.
Page # bar on each page for long searches
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Hello, I'm scanning through all the Sci-Fi movies on your site by year starting in 1940 to present, this is going some time so is there any way you could add a page number bar at the bottom so we dont have to start over & click forward till I get to where I stopped. Or maybe you could jump 10 pages at a time... anyway be nice to have a page reference of some type at the top or bottom so when we come back we could start where we left off... thank you so much !