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What if IMDb was to implement a feature similar to it's Advanced Title Search for User Lists? A separate entity exclusive to lists that bases itself on similar functions? For instance:
1. Title: If one types in 'New Releases' for example, all lists that contains those words in it's headings will appear in a list.
2. Title Type: This could also apply to User Lists.
3. Release Date: This can apply to the date that the list was created.
4. Genres: This feature is already applicable but, it could also be placed here.
5. Keywords: For example; Zombie. That appears in the description of the list.
6. IMDb "Top 250" and IMDb "Top "1000" User Lists: This could be achieved by  allowing users to vote on lists. One vote per user per list. User cannot vote for own lists. Largest number of votes appears on the top. This could also be categorized under; Titles, People, Characters, and Images.
7. Lists, Include / Exclude: This could remain identical and used in conjunction with other User Lists. 
8. Type of List: This could be an added feature where one could choose either:
a. Titles
b. People
c. Characters
d. Images
A previously proposed idea 'Lists of Lists' By Emperor could also be implemented.
Currently the best way to achieve this is by bookmarking, but is not a very practical solution.
I do not have a clue how feasible these ideas are? But I am sure many will agree, a sorting system for User Lists will be beneficial to both IMDb and it's members. Lists that are beneficial will inevitably appeal to the majority of Users and become more prominent. The fact is, there is a great number of very talented people creating phenomenal lists, worthy of more exposure. This in turn will reflect very well on the quality of content on IMDb and compel future Listees to raise the bar when creating new lists. And lastly, through customer confidence, Amazon will reap the benefits, through sales. A win win situation for everyone.
Yours sincerely

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Posted 6 years ago

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I "liked" your idea when you first suggest it. So far nothing has happened with your idea or similar ideas. I'm posting in response to keep the idea active.

To other IMDb users, please click the like button to indicate you would like this feature implemented.
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Hi Dan Dassow

Thanks for your support. 

I too would like to put forward a request to fellow IMDb users in support of the implementation of a useful user-list feature. Similar to the one put forward above.

Please show your support by clicking on the 'like' button.
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Reactivation: In view of recent changes to user-lists and possible upgrades in 2018, I would like to put forward the same suggestions as proposed in this thread. Hopefully, if IMDb staff decide to implement constructive changes to user-lists and how they are displayed, maybe some of those suggestions may prove helpful.