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I have been watching Leverage on IMDbTV for the last several days, when I started season 3 episode 10 the captions began to replace random letters with the word DEMO, this has continued through several episodes, on my phone and my fire stick and my Samsung tv app. The problem does not occur on other programs, I watched saving face between episodes with no problem. With this obstruction in the captions, I cannot tell what they are saying without having the program very loud. This is a big problem for hard of hearing or Deaf people and for people with auditory processing problems. I would really like a solution to this.
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Posted 6 months ago

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Hi M C,

Thank you for taking your time to report this. I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with the closed captioning and have forwarded the information to our IMDb TV team for further investigation. 
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Thank you! I have stopped watching because the problem has continued into season 3 episode 16.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Captions have started having "demo" in and between words.

As title says. We are watching Leverage and staring season 3 the captions have had the word "demo" stuck in and replacing words.
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Thank you all for your continued patience. Our team is continuing to investigate this issue.

We'll update this thread as soon as we have further information.
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We have been and are still having the same problem. DEMO. This DEMO is very frustrating and creates a DEMO barrier for hearing impaired individuals. Not only has the DEMO problem not been resolved, but DEMO we can't turn the captioning off!! We've DEMO turned it off on the app, the television, and the DEMO Apple TV, yet its still DEMO there - DEMO and all. My son has lost all DEMO interest in watching any of your DEMO programming at this point, and these are programs that he used to enjoy watching very much. It's DEMO frustrating for me, and I can hear what they are saying,  but the DEMO just keeps showing up. My son is DEMO convinced that you are trying to DEMO force hearing impaired people to DEMO pay more to get rid of the DEMO. 
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I, too, am facing the same problem with DEMO making the closed captions useless. I am being forced to find other shows to watch.
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This is STILL AN issue. I can't watch Leverage after season 3 episode 10 because I can't read the closed captions. It's very frustrating. It's been well over a month and nothing has been done. Perhaps, if this were an issue of actual importance to IMDb then perhaps it'd be fixed by now, but alas, our repeated requests have fallen upon deaf ears. I'll have to search out another show to watch, perhaps on a service that actual cares and listens to it's users. 
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Have you tried watching direct from Amazon? It will say free with Prime Video or Free w/commercials with your IMDb membership.
Give it a try if you have not already.

Now I got the CC to work using that method.
But I must admit that the CC Sucks BIG TIME!
It does not translate very well and is easily fooled by speech patterns it cannot recognize.
See Pics..............

What he does is to appeal them!

And Pierce knows for sure that those appeals go on forever!

So more of the citations are under appeal!!!

I have more, but you get the drift.
And so you know, IMDb TV uses Amazon content.

Have you tried contacting Amazon support directly?
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At the risk of offending IMDb, I "solved" the problem by watching the affected programs via PLUTO. Don't mlisunderstand, please; I still like IMBd.

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I am shocked to see that this problem was first reported six months ago, and I am having the same problem now in March 2020.   Same as other folks, the problem is with season three of Leverage, starting with Episode 10.  I get the same result whether I watch the show through my Amazon Fire Stick on my TV or on my computer directly on the IMDB site. How hard is it to pull the affected programs on Leverage and re-caption them?   Good grief! Fix it already!