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I wrote a complaint to this website that I had assumed would be respected and treated as if I was a valued customer. However, due to my criticism of the website and by challenging a specific employee, I was treated as if my problems do not matter.

I have been using IMDB my entire life and I credit it for starting my passion for film. However, I made a complaint which was blatantly shut down and swept under the rug by an employee called Joel. After challenging him on his half assed response, I have gotten 0 reply.

When I tried to address this issue again with a new thread it was boxed away into my other complaint thread. This is a pathetic attempt to try and hide from the issue and shows the employees real lack of fibre and ability to take affirmative action.

This customer service is called Get Satisfaction which is simply false and seemingly a way for IMDB to meet their customer service requirements but so far from what I can tell this is all false.

My reply to Joel provided solid evidence of wrongdoing on the part of IMDB but it has been cowardly ignored. It seems IMDB employees care more about half assing their way through the working day rather than putting pride and effort into their duties especially when it comes to customer service. I am extremely dissapointed and I am losing my patience as the issue has not been addressed in 3 days by this Joel. He simply ticked a box and went home.

Man up and reply.
This is your job to be challenged and just because you are clearly wrong doesn't mean you should hide from the issue. Frankly pathetic.

Get your act together.

EDIT. Furthermore, they have changed the issue from a "Problem" to a "Question" which they have changed to "Answered". This is yet another attempt to hide away from the issue and try and make it seem to anyone else that my issue does not matter and that they fulfill their job. I mean seriously? I wouldn't dare treat a customer this way.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Hello, Thomas. 

From the perspective of an onlooker who helps IMDb on a daily basis: your valuable input consisted of one repeated attempt at enforcing your own understanding of what are and what aren't spoilers in the pictures. Instead of trying to reasonably and adequately get your point across you are spamming in an abosolutely unrelated categories (your complaint has nothing to do Withoutabox and other categories so that will be cleaned up), ranting impassionately and just plain getting rude to te point that no one will listen to you, because people don't have that much patience. Your behaviour is counter-productive and adds virtually nothing. It's you who should get your act together, not IMDb. 
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So would you rather have it I be ignored? I will continue to spam and spam and spam and spam until I at least get recognised by the staff.

And dont say they are not spoilers, do not insult my intelligence, friend.
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I will continue to spam and spam and spam and spam
You don't really think that will help do you?

And dont [sic] say they are not spoilers
Which photos on the page for the upcoming Avengers film(s) do you consider spoilers?