im searching for a movie title, about 2 friends who go deer hunting and accidentally shoot a person and bury the body

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It would of been late 90’s/early 2000’s when i saw this movie on Sky Movies (UK) in the early hours one night.
It definitely would of been low budget.
It was an American or Canadian movie, not UK or European.

One man goes to visit his friend in a US/Canada snowy town.
They decide to go hunting, and go to some woods.

One of the men takes aim and pulls the trigger, and they discover he accidentally shot a person.
He talks his visiting friend into burying the body with him and keeping it quiet.

Later, the man who pulled the trigger, goes to the authorities and tells them that his visiting friend shot the person and made HIM bury the body.

The police throughout the movie and trying to find the visiting friend and he is on the run, until some how he prove’s it wasn’t him at the end of the movie.

Appreciate any help i can get with tracking this movie down, its been bugging me for many years!

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Posted 3 months ago

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What about 'Deep Dark Canyon':
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No unfortunately not :( sounds very similar but the hunting accident was the only death in the movie. And this movie is 2013, I saw the movie I’m trying to find around 2000-2002
Thanks for the reply though!
Any ideas how I could find it?
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you might of hit the jackpot here!
if not, this would be 95% similar.

I definitely have to find somewhere to get this movie from and give it a watch.
I don't remember the 2nd character been young but i was young when i saw it, and i guess its probably 20 years ago now so my memory could be a bit off!

i did some searching on google and I see this movie is actually year 2000 as well so we could be in here.

I'll hunt down a copy and definitely get back to you.

Thanks so much!