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Well, it might just be that I don’t get the joke, but can some one confirm that Ian Cranston / Icizzle is a real entity?

  • Ian Cranston (aka Icizzle) - nm3753506
  • Icizzle - nm9957232


I have looked at the two entries and they are replete with self-references and cross-references. They have the whiff of parody about them.

Ian Cranston’s Trivia is full of what appear to be unsubstantiated claims and questions, as is Icizzle’s.

For example, 

  • “He's been nominated for 11 film festival awards and has only won 1.” Yet no mention is made of any award nominations on the front page.
  • ICizzle will be in Magic Mike 3.
  • Alien Stripper claims Martians baby is iCizzles.
  • What drink did Ian Cranston enjoy so much that he wrote "Call For One" for it.
  • What was Ian Cranston's first hit single.
  • Which R&B artist did the title track for the movie "Ian Cranston's Book Of Legends".
  • Rock singer Ian Cranston actually originates from which country.

From a cursory investigation, cast and crew members of Cranston and Icizzle productions only have credits in other Cranston and Icizzle productions, other than some people who are credited with the attribute ‘archive footage’ e.g. Elvis, Tupac.

There are Soundtrack items for Icizzle's TV documentary which mention a singer, Cara Minaj. Minaj's YouTube channel mentions other singers - Brianna and Tardi P. These names bring to mind Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Cardi B, which again makes me think this is a parody.

A few other things are unusual, but the above gives a taste.

Apologies if I am mistaken and am impugning someone‘s reputation. 

It just seems strange to me. Perhaps I am late to the joke, or maybe I just don't get it.

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Posted 3 months ago

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It looks like so much spam - but it's hard to believe this nonsense got past the staff - possibly being used by staff for live functionality testing.
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Ian has had a page since 2009 (11 Years). So it is real.
A few of his credits are questionable however.
Icizzle's page is exactly 2 years old this month. Probably real.
These if you believe they are one in the same they should be name merged.
Then there is this.
ICIZZLE Productions [US]
Production | Distributor | Special Effects
Kenny Loggins (Executive Producer (Executive)) ????????????????????????????
Ian Cranston (CEO (Executive))
Bagman (VFX assisant (Visual Effects))
Rose Mary (Talent Scouting (Talent Agent))
& 6 more

He also has a fairly large internet footprint.
This is releasing supposedly in 8 days on Amazon

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They're actually twin brothers. I met one of them at a film festival. Really nice guy and super humble. He told me people always think they're one person. I like their new short film Mr. Xmas.