I need to delete an old IMDb.com account!

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To Whom It May Concern,
      Good morning to whomever gets this message.  This is Ryan "DIGGER" Williams writing in.  I'll try and make this message as brief and to the point as possible.  I was going through the IMDb.com website, glancing at some of the old discussion topic titles, and I came across the one entitled, "LIVE POLL: PRIDE ON TV: WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE LGBTQ CHARACTER?".  And when I looked through some of the comments on that thread, I made a most remarkable discovery.  I found an old comment that I had posted on there under my full name, RYAN L. WILLIAMS, and that's when I also discovered that my old IMDb.com account and profile was still active, with the old avatar image that I had installed on there about two years ago.
      And so, what I want to ask to whomever responds to this message is:  could you please tell me how I can delete that old account since I no longer use it anymore?  Or better yet, can you just go ahead and delete it yourself?  If you can do either one of these things, I would appreciate it a great deal.
      And with that, I will bring this message comment to a close, as I have nothing more to add.  I look forward to receiving a quick response from whichever one who is in charge of responding to message such as this, and I will await patiently for such a response.  In the meantime, thank you very much for taking the time to listen to my inquiry, and have a nice day now, you hear?

                                                                                                      Respectfully yours,
                                                                                                      Ryan Williams
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Posted 1 year ago

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If you are referring to an IMDb user account, go to the link page below for more information.

IMDb Help Center:
How can I delete my IMDb account?

If you are referring to a GetSatisfaction account, you need to go to your Profile page and click the Delete Account link.

Please write back if you need more assistance.
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Additionally, if you are referring to removing a Get Satisfaction account, you can log in to the account and click "Delete Account" here:

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Hello again, Steve.  I'm sorry that I'm sending you a response to your comment about a month or so later, but rather than go into details with you, let me just say that I've been pretty much occupied with other things, if you get my drift.

Anyways, I want to first tell you that I appreciate you helping me with the problem of removing my old Get Satisfaction account.  However, it would appear that I had already successfully closed that account when I quit IMDb Community Support once before.  The real problem here is that all the comments that I had posted under that account are still in existence, and it looks like there's a lot of them.  

Anyways,  here's what I was thinking that we could.  If it's possible, you or whomever could transfer those comments from the old account to my current account, and then I can delete them myself, and save everyone the bother.  They're all under "RYAN L. WILLIAMS".  How does all that sound to you, Steve?