How to turn off dark theme on desktop

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Dark theme is unreadable and gives me headaches. Yes, I know it meets the W3W standards for accessibility. It fails, however in the common sense standard of being bright enough to read (for some people).

For example: You are reading a newspaper in the bottom of an infinitely deep well. Alas, there is no light and the page appears to be pitch black. Suddenly a single faint star appears parsecs above over the entrance to the well. The paper reflects some of this light. Yet the newspaper is still unreadable, because it is still too dark. The contrast ratio may be high - may even be infinite. But I am sure we will all be thrilled that the contrast ratio meets W3W standards. Oh, everybody that is, except those people who would actually like to read the paper.

Well, I guess it is only fair for the 16 year old web designers to get even with us old timers.
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Posted 1 year ago

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This is how it looks in Chrome on Windows 10:

I wonder if you have a setting within Safari that causes the page to go dark? Or among Mac settings?

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Following up.
The good:  individual movie info pages are MOSTLY light-themed with dark text on light background -- which is good because I can read the information. 

The VERY BAD:  The front page of IMDb is now a TOTALLY DARK and USELESS, where individual images float and move on a black background.  I don't know what they are trying to do, but truly the front page is USELESS and HURTFUL to my vision.
Often now I just don't even bother going to IMDb now because of the disaster that the dark-theme has made on the front page.
There is NO setting to revert the front page to light theme with usable information the way it used to be.

Does anyone at IMDb actually even CARE if their information on the front page is useful? 

I am hoping there is not a plan to destroy all the previous individual movie info pages by turning them into useless dark pages, but who knows.
I guess the ultimate step for them is to replace all text on the front page with 99% dark gray text on 100% black background. Thereby fulfilling the past need of providing text information, while meeting the new design criteria of having no useful and distracting textual information on the page.

What a sad mess IMDb has become. Very sad.

(Tech: iMac with Safari 11.1.2, and Firefox ESR 68.4.2 up-to-date as of Feb 1 2020)