How to credit a person with both "Self" and "acting" appearances in the same program?

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( This is a spin-off of the earlier thread here: )


Since my earlier thread didn't produce any real answers from IMDb staff, I'll try one more time perhaps with a shorter question.

My question: How to credit a person that is clearly being "him/herself" (well, Self) AND acting in the same program/episode/TV special? Not at the same time (self + acting), but during the same program. This is most likely a talk show, TV special etc.

Example (real one): An actor is being interviewed during a TV special: "How are you, what is your next movie, do you enjoy summer etc etc". Now later in the same program, the same actor is doing a comedy sketch (or is part of the sketch) on stage for the audience, playing a Police officer.

Should this person be credited:

1) Doe, John - - - - - Self
(Only Self, no "acting" credits => If the person is being interviewed in a talk show or a TV special, only Self is added - even if the person is also "acting" during the same program.)

2) Doe, John - - - - - Self/Police officer
(Both Self and the character from the sketch is added. Note, that this credit still goes to "Self" category in the filmography, but that's okay (Self credit always takes priority).

3) Doe, John - - - - - Police officer/Self
(Reversed. Acting credit takes the priority here. This goes to "Acting" department, I assume?)

4) Doe, John - - - - - Police officer
(Only acting credit, no Self. This goes to "Acting" department.)

NOTE: The character name "Police officer" might as well be "Various characters" (if there are multiple sketches).

Also: Does it matter which comes "first" in the program: Self or acting?


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Posted 2 months ago

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Hi Eboy -

The credit should only be submitted once with "Self" and the performed character name(s) separated by slashes, for example:

Willie / The Beast / Self    or  Self / Willie / The Beast

If the person is not credited on-screen with specific character names, though they played several characters, the name "various" is acceptable.

Regarding which should be listed first (Self vs character name), I would list the credit first with the character name that had the most featured on-screen content, so for example on a 30 minute episode and individual was themselves 80% of the time and in a character sketch for 20% of the time, I would list the credit as "Self" first, then following the performed character name.

I hope this helps!
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Will this information be added to the Cast and Self submission guides? I hope so.
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Thank you Michelle, this should help with some of the cases. And yes, probably would be good to add some of this info to the guide.