How does IMDB verify crew credits added to the site?

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May I know how does IMDB verify a credit that is added to a film title that is in production or completed?

Do they actually reach out to the production companies for verification? How do they know if a submitted credit is the right title for the member or not?
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Posted 6 years ago

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Hello Pearlyn Yeo, Iam "New" to imdb, and made the same inquiries. I always Go to the Sorce. The Director or Creative Team of the Movie I am working on for answers and Verification of Credits. If I find out more information, I will post it for You. I wish You Great BLESSINGS and Success.
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I do not work for IMDB but as a long time user/editor this is how it appears to work to me:

IMDB doesn't reach out to anyone. Credits for films in production are typically added by a producer or someone claiming to be related to the film when that films page is created. (film pages can be created by anyone)

In production films are rarely updated or edited again until release. If someone does edit it they will need to submit some form of proof. If proof is not supplied the page will typically stay as-is until the film is released.

After release, anyone can edit the film page to update credits. Any edits that contradict someone elses edit will require "more proof" than prior submissions. The best proof typically being actual images of the on-screen credits in the order they appear.

I don't know how they handle contradictory evidence or submissions without any proof at all; but I have a feeling there's a certain level of trust involved. The edit and submission process is already fairly long and someone that cares enough about a film to actually edit it for accuracy will eventually add images of the credits to their submissions.

Once a film has all of its credits verified by image submissions the page may be locked from further tampering and only editable by request (and with a valid reason for doing so). Typically you will see this happen with high profile films. Someone cares enough to input proof for every credit line and than the page is locked to prevent random vandalism attempts.

It's basically a trust and verify system. While there is some risk of fake films being put up; no ones looking at those pages anyway. And quite frankly there isnt much difference between a film in development and a fake film anyway; until its released it could be cancelled anyway. Films that get released, typically someone cares enough to submit proof with their edits, eventually.

But until a page is locked, its likely still waiting for at least verification on some of the credits.
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I am VERY NEW TO IMDB, and how everything works. I can only tell you what I do when I have an issue. "GO TO THE SOURCE!" I was given My 1st Credit after submitting a 4 page, hand written Musical Score, that is now become the first "Full Symphony" I have written. I have several projects and little time, but as a Artist, and Original Creator, I will SUPPORT YOU & ASK THE QUESTIONS, GET THE ANSWERS AND GET BACK TO YOU ASAP! Please be patient, I have 4 live performances this weekend. I will be in the Recording booth & in Rehearsals bas well. Keep your chin up. We will FIGURE IT OUT AS COLLEAGUES! THAT IS WHY WE ARE HERE!
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