How About IMDb Custom Profile Link?

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I had this idea today, that like every other social media platforms (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram etc.) where we can set our own customized profile link, how about IMDb launch that feature for their users?

For example:

My IMDb profile -

All the profile link have an unique user registration id. In my case, it is ur45394926.

If we have an option to set a customized profile link other than the default user id, I think it'll be an excellent feature.

Well, in that case my profile link would be seen something like:



...and etc.
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Posted 2 years ago

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How About IMDb Custom Profile Link?
My IMDb profile -
- - -

For Pros Name Pages (not User accounts)
How can I change my IMDB link number to my full name?

- - -

Message Boards started May 7 1999
User Name was part of the Profile Link

New Message Boards started Aug 6 2002
Name changed to a User Number - Aug 6 2002 - Feb 20 2017
about 266,164,000 messages were posted Aug 6 2002 ... Feb 20 2017

One of the Names was

When They changed to Numbers I did not save that number for this name
Maybe a a Staffer will read this and Post the User Number for us

Things may have got confuzin with Name Changes
History lost for Message Boards and Contributions ?
Friends List ?

Thats why They changed to Numbers ?
- - -
Fri Oct 22 1999 One liddell red duchess
- - -

Fri Jan 26 2007
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Maybe for a limited number of time of just once you can update your custom profile link.
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Some Members at GS have changed there Names and the link remains the same