Having issues deleting credits from my account -- episodes I didn't work!!

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I am having issues deleting certain credits from my IMDb account. I have many PA credits for shows I did work on, however I did not work on all the episodes listed. I believe the error occurred back in a time when one could select the year in which he or she worked on a show, rather than the actual episodes. This is a problem for me because I now have an outrageous amount of PA credits if you count the individual episodes, but I've been solely working as an AD for quite a while, and not as a PA. I would like my AD credits to be listed above my PA credits, because IMDb is used widely as a resume nowadays, and it's frustrating that my PA credits come up first. I understand PA credits are listed first because IMDb recognizes more credits vs. AD credits due to the large amount of individual episodes. I put in a deletion request a year ago for THE BONNIE HUNT SHOW. I have 96 episodes listed as a PA, although I only started working on that show in late February -- it is listed as if I worked the entire year. My request to delete the credits was never processed.  My question/problem is how can I get IMDb to actually process my edits from a year ago? And what is the best way to move forward with deleting other PA credits, in which IMDb will actually make the edits? There are several other shows on my page that have the same issue. For example, SUPAH NINJAS, I only worked a few episodes, but it is listed as if I worked the entire season. I would like my page to be as accurate as possible with the episodes I actually worked on, and I would love for my AD credits to appear at the top of my page.  Any help is greatly appreciated as I'm shocked the changes were not processed after an entire year!  Thank you so much in advance to this community.  Link to my page:  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1938987/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1
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Original Reference Numbers from first attempts at deleting BONNIE HUNT SHOW PA Credits:  140517-132539-680000 2014-05-17 13:25:39
140517-131755-843000 2014-05-17 13:17:55
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IMDb does not like to delete credits, so you may need to supply evidence that you were not listed in the on-screen credits and that no-one else was credited before they will remove the items; otherwise, they prefer them to be corrected.

As for the sequence: if the people checking your credits professionally are using IMDb Pro, which is designed specifically for those in the business, they will see your credits quite differently.

In Pro, credits are grouped by type & status in the following order :
Projects in Development,
Films in Production,
Television in Production,
Past Film & Video , and
Past Television .

Within the groups, credits are listed by year (newest first).
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Thank you for your quick reply, DavidAH_CA.  Thank you for the tip about the Pro sequence.  That is a bit reassuring.  I also checked how my page looks on the mobile app, also much different layout than the webpage.  So it won't be the end of the world.. but yes, if I could have it my way I would change it for the webpage.  My career now is as an AD, and you can understand my frustration with my PA credits popping up first and foremost.  I will still try putting in submissions for deletions for other PA credits for episodes I didn't work and see if those at least go through. I'd like to start winding them down after all! But yea, not the END of the world...

Believe it or not, I have been successful in deleting credits recently. It was in my AD category. I was listed on an episode that was supposed to be episode 3 (or maybe it was 4) when we shot it, and I submitted my credit to IMDb.  However, when the episode aired, it ended up airing as a much later episode in the season.  I was successful in having my credit deleted through IMDb.

Let me ask you, since you seem to know your stuff, do any IMDb employees check this forum? If so I wonder how I can get them to answer about my specific reference number, if they could look it up. This was the only place I found in terms of customer service from IMDb. But it seems to be more of a community, and not necessarily employees.  I would like to find out why they never got deleted.  Or is this a lost cause?!  I wonder if it's because the number of deletions was so high for that particular show.  

Thanks so much for your help! It is appreciated!
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IMDB employees read these forums regularly. Business hours, Monday through Friday.

But if it's something simple you are more likely to get an answer faster from the regular members who help out here.

An employee is really only needed if it's something that can not be done through normal editing.

Deletions is a topic that comes up frequently; and usually for self serving reasons. The reality is IMDB credits are simply not your resume and the listing order follows a standardized methodology for everyone.

I'm not trying to be rude but that's simply how the system works. If a credit is valid, it should not be removed, ever. And the category that you have the most credits in will always be listed first as the system is automated in this regard.

If you want a customized resume page highlighting only specific things and in the order you choose, than you would need to add a resume to your page through IMDBpro.

Otherwise, the public viewable name page is going to strive to be as accurate and complete as possible. If there are credits on your page that belong to someone else, they can be corrected and moved to someone else. If there are credits on your page that are not yours and there is no one that was listed in that position for it to be moved to, than it can be deleted.

But valid credits for you; are not likely to be removed except by accident.
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Thank you for your response but you misunderstood me. The credits I am attempting to delete are not valid credits.  They are for episodes I did NOT work.  Although I agree I am attempting to delete for self serving reasons, because I want my AD credits listed first, I don't want you to think I am trying to delete valid credits.  I am only trying to delete those episodes for which I did not work.  

I understand the IMDb page is not meant to be a resume, but unfortunately in this industry that is what it has become.  It is standard practice to look up someone's page before hiring, whether you are given a real resume or not.

At any rate, I will put in submissions for those episodes I did not work on other shows and see what happens.  

But for the record, my submission from last year was for the Bonnie Hunt Show.  I am listed as having worked 96 episodes. I did not.  I started working on that show in late February, meaning I worked no more than 66 episodes.

My final question is, as with the example above, should I re-submit my edits to IMDb? I know it says not to, but it has been a year.  I am willing to try again before giving up on this.  And I will be submitting my deletions for my other shows as well, which have more episodes listed than I actually worked on.

Thank you.
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Just throwing this out there...is it possible you were credited on screen even if you didn't work some of the episodes? This would mean just adding an attribute of "(credit only)."

Having screen shots of the credits as they appeared on screen would be most helpful.

That said, I think re-submitting would be a good idea after a year. But doing so accurately would be important and would get your request more easily accepted.

Good luck!
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Thank you for the tips!