Gravity's Rank on the top 250 Is Incorrect

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On the IMDB page for, "Gravity," (2013) the rating is 8.8 and its rank on IMDB's top 250 is #44 but it's rating is 8.5, when it should be 8.8 instead.

Will this issue be fixed?
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Posted 7 years ago

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Its weighted average is 8.8. Weighted average is:

Weighted Average Ratings IMDb publishes weighted vote averages rather than raw data averages. Various filters are applied to the raw data in order to eliminate and reduce attempts at 'vote stuffing' by individuals more interested in changing the current rating of a movie than giving their true opinion of it. The exact methods we use will not be disclosed. This should ensure that the policy remains effective. The result is a more accurate vote average.

Since we users don't know the details, it'd be difficult to know when it's inaccurately displayed.

Also, I think that and the raw vote totals, like the Median score, update atndifferent times. So, we thousands of votes coming in all day, and nothing is real time, there should always be minor discrepansies.

Also, the Top 250 only counts votes from "regular users" and we don't know who those are and what makes one "regular."

Top 250 movies as voted by our users For this top 250, only votes from regular voters are considered.
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The pages on IMDb related to a title do not update at the same time. The pages for Gravity may be affected as a result. Eventually they should resynchronize.

Main page (Rank 2)
Ratings: 8.8/10 from 31,902 users

Ratings page
31902 IMDb users have given a weighted average vote of 8.8 / 10

Combined page
8.8/10 28,862 votes ยป Top 250: #44

Top 250
44. 8.5 Gravity (2013) 31,902

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