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We are always looking for ways to grow the engagement
with the polls.

There is reason to believe that simpler, more approachable and straightforward polls are worth trying.
We've gotten feedback from our internal games gurus that scrolling through 35 choices and a large block of text feels like "work".

For the next two weeks, we are specifically seeking poll suggestions that meet the following criteria

* A clear call to action in the title, phrased as a question.
* A maximum two sentence description (not including the link to the discussion), don't 'thank' contributors, do that in the poll thread.
* No more than eight choices (preferably less, even 3-4).

Because the number of choices in the poll is more limited you will need to be "tight" with your question, or make it clear you are not attempting to be exhaustive in your enumeration of choices.

Our criteria for success is number of votes (and total traffic to the poll from unregistered users which we can see behind the scenes) and growth in poll traffic as a whole.

May be better, may be worse; but let's try it! Let the suggestions begin!


Note: we are NOT eliminating or throwing away the more complex poll suggestion, just "favoring" selecting simpler polls for now. 

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we're not going to toss away any poll suggestions, but for a period of a week or two, we're biasing toward smaller polls, clearer, less thought-intensive polls. I'd like people to be able to absorb all the choices at a glance and that suggests 4-8 items max (for now).


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The technique we've established for friday face-off is to give each poll it's own thread, but link back from the master thread to make it easy to find them. Poll suggestions should still get their own thread. Maybe put [SP] in the title line to indicate it's a "Straightforward Poll" or "Simple Poll" at a glance?

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