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Drevnibor Wed Mar 4 2015 04:22:16

We all like to see a correct, well-crafted poll.

This advice concerns a small, but important part of pollmaking with Character Pages, specifically the
Problem with multiple versions of the same character

Let's take The Joker for example.
He is a very popular character, who appears in a lot of different polls, and that's perfectly normal.
What most poll-makers seem to forget is that The Joker appeared in many films, shows and cartoons, which means that there are many variations of the same character.

For example:
- In Batman (1966), he is a jokey villain, with ridiculous plots such as turning Gotham's water supply into jelly.
- In The Dark Knight (2008), he is an agent of chaos, crazy, but calculated, deeply entrenched into his own philosophy.
- In Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 (2013), he is an effeminate, murderous madman who has a very disturbing obsession with Batman.

Those are all significantly different versions of the same character.

However, a lot of pollmakers only put that character on the list without any notes, which can HURT the poll.
Well, here's a poll:
Amon Goeth vs Anton Chigurh vs Joker vs Hans Landa - which is better performance?

We all know that the pollmaker was referring to Heath Ledger's Joker, so you may be thinking:
''Well, there's no problem, since The Joker's picture shows the Dark Knight Joker, and it says: The Dark Knight (2008), Heath Ledger.''
What many people forget is that the info can be changed by anyone.
In a few seconds, I can:
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