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At least for the time being, please do not ask for a re-push to change the link to Get Satisfaction. There are over 5,000 polls; there is not enough time right now to make such a substantial change.

Polls that are accurate, up to date
and complete are more fun and satisfying. It's hard to make a perfect poll and the quality has been tremendous, but errors do slip in.

What we are describing below is a process for supporting post launch poll revisions.

Note: if you are looking to close a no longer relevant poll, check this thread: FAQ: Poll Close Requests

If you're a poll author, I would encourage you to revisit your thread anddecide whether the post-launch suggestions (or any new ideas you have) are worth incorporating. Some things to look for.

At least for the time being, please do not ask for a re-push to change the link to Get Satisfaction. There are over 5,000 polls; there is not enough time right now to make such a substantial change.

Always OK Revisions
* Missing discussion board links
* Typos in descriptive text.
* Missing an obvious choice (an obvious option was overlooked at the time of poll publish)
These are usually ok to add, as long as it is to the END of the list. It is good form to add the date you added this choice to the description field forthat choice. That way someone looking at the results will not be surprised this obvious choice has so few votes compared to the original entries.

Sometimes OK Revisions
* Missing/weak descriptive text.
Important! Do not change the feel of the poll. If your poll was for favorites,it must stay that. If it's a worst poll it must stay that. Does this make sense? Otherwise you're changing historic votes. That is bad karma. Adding alittle color or description that keeps the feel of the poll is ok.
* Changing A Poll Title
Mostly discouraged, except for adding a question-mark if appropriate.
* Updating a Poll Due to New Information.
A new creditable entry, not due to an oversight comes up (e.g. a new release).We would generally discourage this if the poll has more than a few hundred votes. You maybe should consider a new poll?
* Fixing a image for character polls

Very Rarely OK Revisions
* Deleting a Choice
* Re-Arranging and Order of A Choice
* Re-pushing to Replace Valid Options Without Votes
These used to be impossible, but they are rarely OK. It is allowable in the case they do NOT affect any live votes and the duplicate choice and ALL items following it in the list have ZERO votes. If you have any doubt, please post to your original thread before making this change; if you do it incorrectly, you will never be able to update your poll again!

How to Proceed

If you are the author and want your poll re-pushed, make the changes to your original list in accordance to the instructions above, then reply to this post with the URL of the poll. This gives us (and other users) a chance to see these in a consolidated place and not hunt through threads. If you are not the poll author, you must contact the author by private message or the poll thread (or one our poll admins may be able to help you make a case).

A re-push request on this thread will be considered if formatted as follows

Ensure your reply incorporates the Poll title in the title of the post.

    Poll Title: O',brother,sister, who art thou

    Poll URL: http://www.imdb.com/poll/wvdPChk96q8/

    List URL: http://www.imdb.com/list/ls059040806/

    Reason: Fixing capitalization in title (add much detail as you like)

Poll board members, please feel free to comment on the proposed revision and offer your support or rejection of the change.

It would be reasonable to cross post to the original poll suggestion thread, but this is optional.

Note 1: here's a useful trick. Can't guarantee this will work forever but it works now. If you want to find the list from a poll, substitute the word"list" for "poll" in the URL and the list id will come up.
e.g. http://www.imdb.com/poll/wvdPChk96q8/ -> http://www.imdb.com/list/wvdPChk96q8/ will 'automagically' transform to http://www.imdb.com/list/ls059040806/


= = =

Transitioning to Get Satisfaction presents a number ofissues, not the least of which is that all legacy polls no longer have validlink backs. Fortunately, the link backs which go to the IMDb message boards arere-directed to: https://getsatisfaction.com/imdb/categories/imdb_imdb_poll

At least for the time being, please do not ask for a re-push solely to change the link to a thread on Get Satisfaction. Please do not ask to correct minor formatting problems to justify updating the link back.There are close to 5,000 polls which went live when the IMDb message boards were available; there is not enough time right now to make such a substantial change. The poll administrators do not have the capacity to update the link backs on the majority of these legacy polls. Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis. These exceptions include but are not limited to:

  • Specific requests to update a poll from the IMDb Editors
  • Updating polls to add new relevant options
  • Updating polls to better reflect current information
  • Correcting typos in descriptive text
  • Replacing missing images or character pages
If there's still any confusion as to which polls will be re-pushed, please ask so that we can clarify this for everyone as soon as practical.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Poll: Biggest Movie Losers. (typo?)

There is a sentence that seems wrong to me:

"The monster’s heartache arose from the desired for a mate."

Shouldn't it be:

"The monster’s heartache arose from the desire for a mate." (?)

It's #5 of the options.

Poll: https://www.imdb.com/poll/6mkSYACEbok/
List: https://www.imdb.com/list/ls028488232/

I changed it. If it's better now, please repush it. If not, I'll redo the change.

Breumaster. :D
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Quite right. Done.
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Poll-title: True American Movie Icons
List: https://www.imdb.com/list/ls080329642/
Poll: https://www.imdb.com/poll/RcY2AEiLsIE/
Problem: Brando added + punctuation
Happy 4th of July!

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