False Credits for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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Hi there,

There is someone who falsely claims she played Dasha Promenti in Star Wars on iMDB. Pablo Hidalgo, who is the creator of the Star Wars stories at StarWars.com, has confirmed that there are multiple villagers and that Ana-Maria Leonte plays Dasha Promenti.

Please find the public announcement here: https://twitter.com/pablohidalgo/status/688047560972320768 

Please find the fake iMDB bio where the account holder claims she played this role.


Can iMDB please update the bio with the correct content? 

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes,
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  • somehow disappointed that people can fake roles on iMDB

Posted 4 years ago

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The information on the page you linked appears in two places.  On her resume where it's noted that IMDb takes no responsibility for the accuracy there as it is created by her or her reps and no staff has verified the information, then in her mini-bio.

I don't know that there's much that can be done about the resume.  But the bio can be corrected. 

Normally the bio needs to be re-written adding info and requests to delete are not normally accepted.

In this case, the whole first paragraph is not appropriate.  Per guidelines a mini-bio should not list credits as it's redundant and that's what the main filmography does.  It should be background info about the person, otherwise not displayed on the page.

I would submit a "correction" for the bio removing the first paragraph and explain that it's a list of credits and is redundant and also that the first "credit" is false. Then include a link to this discussion where your explanation and links are.  Now...I don't know if a 'Tweet' is going to be considered a reliable source (did he even have anything to do with the film or knowledge about who played whom?), but if you can add into this thread an image of any documentation you have that it was you, it'd go farther (call sheets, etc.).

Wait though...others might have more/better advice.
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Hi Champion,

Thank you very much for your help. I have already submitted a review as suggested above by you few days ago but iMDB haven't done any change and I have also not received any updates...I have my call sheets and contract but I can't just send it like this publicly as you might appreciate it's not a safe way to do it. 

PS: I have also tried to change one work in my bio description but iMDB haven't updated that either and I did it few weeks ago. The team seems to be a bit slow on these matters...
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It's not that they are slow, it's that they receive many thousands upon thousands of submissions to add data. 

Submissions take 1-7 days, sometimes a bit more, to process.  They include a link in your emailed receipt (and it's listed in the help section) to the Data Processing Times so you can check to see if enough time has lapsed for processing.  If not, it means you either need to add evidence to assist  them in verifying the data or you can post the submission's Reference Number (from the emailed receipt or in your account's submission history section) here in this forum and ask staff to check on the status for you.  They'll let you know if there was a problem.  If there are no problems, they'll suggest you add evidence (screen shot of the credits, documentation, etc.).

In the mean time, if you post the contents of the emailed receipt here, other Contributors might be able to suggest how you might change it to have better chance at having it accepted.

If you made a submission a "few" weeks ago, it's likely been rejected, needs evidence, or there was some problem with the formatting of the request.

Create a new thread with the submission number and if you can, the contents of the emailed receipt and have it looked at.

I don't know what type of credit was submitted but, for example, cast for films is processing Jan 14th submissions now.  So if yours was from before, there is a problem or it's been rejected.  If it was that date or after, they have not gotten to it yet and you just need to wait in line (the first section of your submission reference number is the date submitted, if you're not sure how long it's been).
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(I'm not part of the IMDB team/moderators)

I'm not saying that I know much about the SW character Dasha Promenti, but there's at least a picture on the page of Gloria Garcia (IX) (I assume from the film?). So I believe she at least was in the film:


Some info on the Twitter account ( https://mobile.twitter.com/pablohidalgo/status/688047560972320768 ):

"1/8 - Clarification time: There are multiple female villagers seen during the raid on Jakku that are dressed similarly."

"2/8 - The first one we see is the one Poe runs past; she cocks a rifle, ready for action."

"3/8 - This woman is Gloria Garcia. Her character has not been named. Her weapon has not been shown in published still photos. Heavy gun."

"4/8 - Elsewhere in the village, there's a female villager named Dasha Promenti, featured in a picture in the Visual Dictionary."

"5/8 - Dasha carries a blaster pistol (not a heavy one) that's also pictured in the Visual Dictionary."

"6/8 - Dasha Promenti is played by Ana-Maria Leonte."

So perhaps this was simply a confusion and not a deliberate attempt to "hijack" anyone's credit? If the info from Pablo Hidalgo is correct, the credit for actress Gloria Garcia (IX) is something like...

"Gloria Garcia (IX) - female villager in Jakku (uncredited)"

I have my call sheets and contract but I can't just send it like this publicly as you might appreciate it's not a safe way to do it. 
You can scan the call sheet (contract is probably something that you shouldn't scan, it's mostly your private information), add the scanned image to some of the image hosting sites and then add the link (when you "Edit page") to the "Other Corrections => (Add) Miscellaneous Comments" section so that the data editors will see it.