Live Face-Off Poll: ‘The Disaster Artist’ vs. ‘Ed Wood’

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Two incredible films about ambitious but troubled movie 'auteurs' who try to chase their dreams in the face of all but adversity. Each are the inspiring stories of how each man's (Tommy Wiseau and Edward D. Wood Jr.) passion and determination led to the creation of two of the most renowned cult films today in The Room (2003) and Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959).

Which of these films did you love more?

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Kyle Perez

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Posted 2 years ago

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hey kyle...nice choices...would have to go with 'ed wood'...
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Kyle Perez

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Thanks Rocky, my vote as well...
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'Ed Wood'

Also, you can tag he names in your poll.

1. The story of Tommy Wiseau

2. The story of Edward D. Wood Jr.
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Kyle Perez

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Might vote as well. And thanks for the tip, I've added the links.
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Live Poll: Applause, applause

('Great poll, btw.)
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Ed Wood is astonishing on every level.  I much prefer the book over the Franco adaptation of The Disaster Artist where a few things fell flat in my mind.  The depiction of Greg S. as a mean spirited bully for one thing.
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Considering that Greg Sestero himself was heavily involved in the adaptation, I think he's okay with it. Also I bet a production like that would make you either a bit mean-spirited and nervous or poker face. 
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