Extremely frustrated with correctly managing wrong film credits in my IMDB Pro account

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Hello, I'm starting to become extremely frustrated with correctly managing my IMDB Pro account. A while ago I noticed that 3 film credits were added to my account that were not me...but another Brett Rigby (Brett Arthur Rigby, I believe) I attempted to have the removed, that request was declined, I made the decision to purchase IMDB Pro to have better access and actually be able to monitor and manage things...again, my requests were declined. This has been happening for years. This error is effecting my professional page and no matter what channels I try I can't get 3 film credits removed because they AREN'T me. Just yesterday I made the attempts again and even provided links to both of us to prove we are not the same people. Still this request was denied. Any help or insight would be amazing. I'm so frustrated about this. The following Link is the Brett (Arthur) Rigby who is in this film: https://vegasbrett.com/home . It's not me. THIS LINK IS ACTUALLY ME: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brett-rigby-982a8071 . Thank you in advance!
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Posted 2 months ago

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Brett Rigby,

A submission to move the credits to another page or a new name page would be the way to go. Instructions on how to do this are on the link page below.

IMDb Help Center:
How can I move credits to another page?
Approach A: How to move credits

What do the roman numerals, like (I) and (II), after a person's name mean?

I hope this helps. Please write back if you still need some assistance with the submission.
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In short, you need to correct (choose correct, not delete) your name ”Rigby, Brett” to the correct person (let’s say ”Rigby, Brett Arthur” or ”Rigby, Brett (II)”. Few points, though:

- IMDb probably wants some proof that these credits belong to another person. Just because some person has the same, or very similar, name is not enough. Not sure about the credits in your page, though.

- If you try to choose ”Rigby, Brett Arthur”, a new name is created to IMDb. Now comes also the question that is ”Rigby, Brett Arthur” perhaps credited as ”Rigby, Brett”, since the credits were added to ”your” page? This means that the atttibute ”(as Brett Rigby)” should be added.

So yes, these can be a bit tricky in some cases. And a bit difficult to prove also in some cases.
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Hi Brett, 

Please can you provide us with the submission reference numbers for your submissions that have not bee approved and we can look into this further for you. 

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Hey Meredith, I'm responding again with a new round of tracking numbers to try to get this really frustrating confusion resolved.  All previous submissions have been rejected, so I tried a different approach.  I actually contacted the other Brett Rigby myself as he is also aware of the merging of our information.  He made a free IMDB account under Brett Arthur Rigby so we could try to successfully straighten out our credits that way.  I'm now resubmitted my requests with that information provided.  Please tell me we can put this behind us and clear this up, if not, I think I'll just leave IMDB pro and stop using it actively for my professional purposes.

Thank you


Requesting updated DOB and DOB location: #200724-215607-087000
Requesting Removal of a film credit: #200724-215746-500808
Requesting Removal of a film credit: #200724-220045-950208

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Hey Meredith,

I'm back to you again.  Unfortunately the issue still isn't resolved.  Rather than moving the selected film credits off of my page and on to Brett Arthur Rigby's page, they just updated the billing credit on my page as Brett Arthur Rigby.  This is unbelievably frustrating and effects my profession.   Please...Please...Please remove the 3 credits from my IMDB Pro page and credit them to the correct person.  Yet again, below is the reference number to the credits I'm speaking of and what I've been asking your help with for weeks.  I am Brett Rigby.  He is Brett Arthur Rigby.  He created an account under his email Brett@VegasBrett.com under the name Brett Arther Rigby.  This is where the credits should go.

This is my last attempt.  From here, I'll be canceling my account and reregistering a formal complaint with the BBB.

Reference Number to the 3 incorrect Credits: #200728-175643-745000
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Meredith, is there a way you can intervene and assist my with fixing this.  I believe that if an actual person looks at these credits/videos...they will see it is not me, Brett Rigby...but Actually Brett Arthur Rigby.   With the multiple attempts all listed above, they have yet again declined my attempts in changing these credits to the correct person.  

I haven't heard from you since your initial response to my comment and would truly appreciate your help.  As a reminder, the most recent declined reference number is: #200728-175643-745000

My reasoning is (again) in each of my requests.  Please let me know if you need anything else.
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I appreciate your help with this Meredith.  Below are the reference numbers to the deletion requests I made yesterday...and then the requests the deletion requests that were declined from the day before.  It's in regards to the same TV/Film credits.

Reference #'s from yesterdays request:

Reference #'s from the declined requests from the day before:

For the "Abbey and Thelma" Credit there are two video files that are also attached to my account that further illustrate that this is not me as it shows the other Brett (Arthur) Rigby in the footage.

Please let me know if you need any more information from me.

Thank you,
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Hi Brett.
Are you deleting these credits, or reassigning them? If you go to your edit page, you need to reassign them to the correct actor. That will accomplish what IMDb always seeks. Accurate information retained. It accomplishes what you need and what they want.
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Good morning Meredith,

Additionally, I attempted to correct my date of birth as well and that too was declined.  It said that it wasn't able to verify my correct date of birth.  I provided them with a link to my current driver's License and it was still declined.  If this something you can assist me with as well?  I'm happy to email you all proof you need to prove that I am me.  Thank you

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Thanks for your message.

I've forwarded this information to our technical team for further investigation, ticket reference 0512020813. We will email you back when we receive an update on this.

Thank you in advance for your patience. We look forward to assisting you further.