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After the 6 Dec 2017 Update to List Pages, many people have expressed frustrations/desires to improve the new Edit functionality.

Perhaps the most popular is to bring back Compact View, which is documented here:

In addition:

A. Select List (to copy or move titles) should include a Create New List option (as it did before the Update)

B. Add title 
  1. (or name on People list) should support using the full url
  2. alternate titles appear; instead need titles that match the search; see how it's done on iPhone app per C.Needham
  3. as part of the drop-down results, provide a link that would show full search results in a new tab, namely the same results we'd get from the search box at the top of every page, but without having to reenter the search
  4. option to show thumbnail image with title matches, and make results box bigger to accommodate that.
C. Changing title position within list
  1. return drag/drop reordering 
  2. return one-button delete title 
  3. allow <enter> within position box to trigger Save List Order
    D. Provide option to show more than 100 titles on the Edit page

    E. Add all the Refine/Sort options from View list to Edit list.

    F. Navigation within the Edit page
    1. provide floating menu to move/copy/delete/save order/prev page/next page/Add Title, OR
    2. provide floating menu to take us to the move/copy/reorder options NEAR the TOP or to the page navigation/add title NEAR the BOTTOM of the edit page, NOT to the physical top/bottom, OR
    3. need all these features at both top and bottom of page: move/copy/delete/save order/prev page/next page/Add Title/Done
    4. provide individual page numbers for direct access, as Amazon does on product search results pages, but include Last Page (since that is where you can Add Title and see the result immediately).
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