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There seems to be a trend over the years on most of the sites that I visit.  Updates on youtube, IGN, imdb, a myriad of sites getting awful new comment systems, they all take something that works efficiently, and proceed to dial it back 10+ years.

Like drag and drop, it made creating/editing lists quick and easy.  Want to add a new item?  Well then, drag it to where you want to go!  Want to reorder a number of list items?  Drag them away, it will take seconds!  But ever since IMDb's last update, you now type in the number you want an item to go to, scroll right up to the top to save it and essentially refresh the page EACH TIME, because you don't know how it's going to look.  So you'll literally have to refresh the page over and over and over, taking forever.  It's so inefficient, so off putting, so antiquated despite being the year 2018 and still no action taken by the site.

The only user input on this site is making lists, which creates a ton of revenue (for the site; some get hundreds of thousands, even millions of views per week).  Thus making those lists should not have to be a battle, particularly when it never used to be.  It shouldn't be ignored for months on end as if the problem will go away and it will magically get easier to edit, because it's not happening.
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Hi Chris,

Thank you again for this feedback. (For reference, originally discussed on previous thread here.)

This feedback has been reported to the appropriate team, and I've forwarded your additional feedback above as well. At this time, we do not have a planned update to reinstate the drag-and-drop feature for list editing. I've updated this post to an "Idea" where it can be reviewed and discussed by other IMDb staff and users.

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Hi Claire,

This is the problem though; IMDb doesn't see it as a problem, nor have they ever.  When in fact, IT'S THE ONLY PROBLEM with it comes to lists.  May I invite you and your colleagues to create a list, just to try and see for yourselves what the fuss is about, and then come back later and try to add new items into the shuffle.  Feel the frustration and needless wasting of time.  This problem is essentially a cancer in this site (not to be dramatic), and you don't deal with cancer by ignoring it.  You cut it out.  I would know.

Thanks for the quick response though. 
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Any updates for us Claire?
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Dear staff: Could You Change List Mechanics Back?.

I miss how you could drag and drop list items. This numbered listing method is kind of less functional in my opinion. Also, could you implement some sort of list order change function for the Android app? 

Best regards,
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Drag and drop for lists!.

As an obsessive list maker, I absolutely love that I can make lists within IMDB! What would be even more amazing though, would be the ability to drag and drop the items in my lists to reorder them on a desktop, rather than renumbering the lot manually. Help?
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I know right I would make Lists all the time. I even started a Top 10 Things in My Year for IMDB in order to show how far I've come to becoming a filmmaker and uploading them on IMDB. 

The current List format sucks so much ass. I literally have abandoned it and I want it back cause I actually gain connections to filmmakers such as Shane Black because of some of my Lists pitching a casting to a film project in the works.