Do guidelines for actors who do not belong to our species allow multiple individuals to be credited under one name just on account of looks?

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(Pardon the lengthy subject heading of this topic.) I happened to notice that one Cujo is credited in movies filmed across a time span that vastly exceeds the average life expectancy of a Saint Bernard breed of dog (which is eight years against a 28-year-long career), so the credits seem to belong to more than one "actor". (As we know, just about all animals, if they live long enough will at least be forced into retirement due to age-related illnesses [like arthritis] or frailties, before dying.) Inasmuch, it may be proper to delete some of the credits marked as "uncredited" and to split the remaining ones by groups of years. Should we let it slide? What should be done? Mind you, it is hard to gather information about celebrities who are not human, as they might not even have birth certificates or death certificates.
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  • curious.

Posted 1 year ago

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But he(?) is an "actor", he's not playing a real dog.
Do the normal rules about lifespans apply?
There are plentry of characters who have been played by many (human) people over the years yet are still all listed as the same character. or by different non-human actors all playing the same character Like Batman, or Lassie
Now that the IMDb no longer lets you search by character it's harder to show you examples of this.
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Jeorj: The short answer to your question is "No, multiple animal actors are not supposed to be combined into one name entry." If they have been combined into one entry, as appears to be the case at, it's because the data contributors and IMDb staff didn't know which credits belonged to which dog with the same name.
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But there, sometimes he's playing Cujo and sometimes he's playing Beethoven. Is it really the same dog?
If it is, isn't that like an actor playing more than one role?
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Steve: Yes, a dog actor can play more than one role, but what we should be concerned about here is different dogs who played the same role being combined into one entry -- like Lassie (, whose credits stretch from 1954 to 1995. The character remained the same, but it wasn't the same dog playing that role all that time; combining them into one name entry is an error.

In the case of Cujo, there has been a series of theatrical and direct-to-video comedies about a St. Bernard named Beethoven. Even if the dogs playing Beethoven had the same name, it probably wasn't the same dog in the 1992 film as in the 2014 film.

The dog(s) from the Beethoven series have definitely been combined with at least one other dog on IMDb, because Beethoven is a St. Bernard, and the episode plot outline of "Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan" refers to Cujo as a "lab-mastiff mix".

Incidentally, the archive footage credit on the "Dog Whisperer" episode doesn't make sense. Isn't the entire point of "Dog Whisperer" to show Cesar Millan working with the dogs he is helping -- for which new footage would be taped for the TV series?
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it is hard to gather information about celebrities who are not human
by Jeorj Euler
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Cujo is an actor, known for Beethoven's Big Break (2008),
Beethoven is an actor, known for Beethoven's Big Break (2008)

Change to
... is a Dog ...

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June 12 2018

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Michelle, Official Rep:
May 17 2018
Hi Act_1 -
Unfortunately, our statistics currently don't distinguish a person from a non-person,
as we group all name pages on the site together in this reporting.
Although I'm not sure when this suggestion will be addressed,
I have filed a ticket for the appropriate team
to review concerning name page identifiers for person vs. non-person
and to request that our statistics reporting reflect the differentiation.
Once I have an update I will post the information here

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Hi all -

To clarify our policy, as several of you have already mentioned, animal name pages and human name pages should be treated the same.  If there are credits to a single page for a dog that actually belongs to two separate dogs, then these credits should be split among the two separate page listings accordingly.  Anytime you encounter listings such as for Cujo, I would encourage you to submit the credit updates to request that the credits be moved accordingly.