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I've tried to fix this before but a staff member will have to put this in themselves. Somebody put the Uruguay release date on this film and the computer interpreted it as being released in 2017. The truth is not only has this unedited print been bouncing around in people's collections since 1943 but that IMDb itself even has different covers listed that were released long before 2017. 

Since there was no other release info on it, the computer interpreted as being released on DVD since 2017 and obviously that's not the case. Now poor Harry Davenport who died in 1949 now has an acting credit in 2017. This piece was sort of a wartime propaganda film  that caused quite a stir so they pulled it after the initial airing in 1943 and rereleased it the same year so it would please sponsors. You can even find earlier DVD releases through Amazon of it.
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Posted 3 years ago

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When did you try to change this? It has a 1943 release date and the year after the title should reflect earliest release date; however, if this was a recent change it may not have fully propagated to all parts of the website.
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It says 2017 for me too
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Hello, tazjjh. 

To be fair, acting credits that appear decades after person's death do happen, with two most common possibilities being "(credit only)" option and projects that were filmed much earlier, but only released much later. Don S. Davis who died in 2008 illustrates both possibilities, by the way: as he was a prolific actor there were three acting credits of him in 2009, one in 2010 and then he appears in Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces (2014) (which cannot be considered archive footage, because it is practically a full feature length movie compiled from scenes from another movie which were never previously released; I added this title to IMDb, by the way) and in Part 9 of Twin Peaks revival, where he was credited for appearance in photograph (which normally does not qualify for IMDb listing and often gets that attribute). 

That said, if this title has confirmed known release or at least screening date, that should be corrected.  
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I went through something similar recently where a film had the wrong year associated with the title, and a staffer had to fix it. (In that case, the bad year was no longer among its release dates at all - but it was only off by a year.)

I own a copy of the film Dec 7th, dir. John Ford, the full 82 minute version, as a bonus to the series Frank Capra's Why We Fight, still available at horrible prices here. My copy (and I suspect all copies) has no official title cards at either beginning or end. The narrator announces at the beginning "Your War and Navy Departments present December 7th" and then they show undated letters from each department requesting a film documenting what the film presents: conditions prior to the bombing and its devastation.

If you look at the title in non-reference mode on IMDb, you that its shorter version (32 min) won a 1944 Oscar. So clearly it had a 1943 release.

Here is the film in National Archives Catalog, which lists "Creator(s): Joint Chiefs of Staff. Office of Strategic Services. Field Photographic Branch. 1/4/1943-10/1/1945  (Most Recent)."

I join with tazjjh in requesting the 1943 release year be reinstated, and 2017 be diminished.
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Hey, this is quite a hickup. Not only did this film get listed as made in 2017, now also John Ford gets credit for having directed it in 2017 (!).
1943 is the correct year and it is given in "USA release : 1943" in the database. This needs staff attention.
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Hi All -

I just wanted to follow-up here and confirm that the title has now been adjusted to the correct 1943 title year, see here.  Cheers!