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IMdb is hosting the trailer for an offensive propaganda film made by convicted felon, Dinesh D'Souza.  This trailer should be removed.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Hi, Alex. Thanks for your feedback, and we can see that the trailer accuses the United States' Democratic Party of having taken out Abraham Lincoln (in office) and attempting to do the same to Donald Trump (in office), two Presidents of the United States belonging to the United States' Republican Party, but you should know that the trailer does not contain any illegal material (e.g. child pornography or nuclear launch codes), does not contain any obscenity, does not contain any gore, does not contain any hate speech and overall does not violate IMDb policy. If you want a special exception to be made, maybe this topic will need to receive a lot of "me too" votes, but that is no guarantee that the IMDb site authorities will be convinced or that the D'Souza Media representative (who uploaded the trailer) will be accommodating.
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Alex, by demanding that the trailer to be removed when it talks about politics, you are doing exactly what the fascists and Nazis tried to do. - prevent criticism of their leader or party. This is the reason why the freedom speech clause in the 1st ammendment was put in place - to stop what you are trying to do.
Besides, D'Souza isn’t telling all lies. Trump has been attacked with a smear campaign based on a proven false Steele report bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC. A false report with false information that was prove to have been used in an application by the FBI to the FISA court to allow wiretaps to spy on the Trump Campaign and freinds of Trump in order to gain political dirt on trump for the Democrats. This essentially using the FBI as a political weapon. This goes right straight back to Nixon and Watergate scandal. But this time it is the Democrats who are doing the spying. That makes this funny because guess who was a Washington aide at the time investigating the Watergate scandal and knew this type of spying was illegal and wrong... Hillary Clinton!