Date of birth: Erika Tham (requested message to Meredith)

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Hello Team IMDb, I am regarding about the Make It Pop actress Erika Tham. I was trying to submit Erika Tham's date of birth with the Twitter link and I add many as 9 URLs as I can and it says "Declined" and "Unable to verify". So I am out of searching URLs of Erika Tham's date of birth. The actress (Erika Tham) herself has answered to a Twitter follower during a online chat during #AskMakeItPop. The guidelines said "We do allow social media links to be an acceptable source for birthdates (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)". Twitter would have been accepted and would have been "approved". Nickelodeon UK's Twitter account has asked a question to Erika Tham answered the question and said "@ErikaTham When and where were you born?" Take a look at the picture of Erika Tham's tweet that has the actress's own date of birth (Hint: The actress herself has responded to her own date of birth by herself to a Twitter follower and to Nickelodeon UK as a super strong evidence with blue highlighted color.)

And my submission number is: 200117-081253-933000 (Note: The Twitter URL is on top of my explanation and nine other URLs.)

Here are few sample pics to include with the Erika Tham's own Tweet that has the exact match of Erika Tham's date of birth from Erika Tham's Tweet by Twitter.

The lead URL for Twitter to be accepted from the guideline is:

Not accepted URLs from these pictures are (make sure look at photos with the date of birth highlighted) and Erika Tham's Tweet with her own date of by the actress herself (also highlighted): (just ignore the full name it's already added.)

I have put around 10 URLs with a Erika Tham's tweet from Twitter to be included and it says "Declined" and "Unable to verify" after the "pending" is complete my URL search is exhausted. Because some editors did not look at the tweet and press the "Declined" button and I am "extremely scared" for declining. I never got my submission rejected. So thanks to Twitter, Twitter has accepted for date of births as its tweets and as part of the guidelines. For my appeal please reverse the decision and if it is accepted it will be resubmitted from Erika Tham's tweet from her own Twitter account by herself on my behalf despite the declining. I have wait patiently while "pending" until it's complete for the decision. If any person can review the photo of Erika Tham's date of birth and correct birthplace and said it by herself from her own Twitter account, that would be great. Don't forget to double check and zoom in these pictures to make sure Erika Tham's date of birth for an exact match. Please add Erika Tham's date of birth with the correct birthplace and let me know as soon as possible. I will be happy for anyone or Meredith's reply. Anyways, thanks for this message and I hope anyone or Meredith will receive a reply very soon. I hope this helps. And I extremely aware for the declining and I have strong knowledge on reputable sources and Social Media to be accepted as part of the guidelines. That concludes this message about Erika Tham's date of birth with a super strong evidence by Twitter. Thank you very much.
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Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out.

I have submitted this request on your behalf now, if no problems are encountered this should update online within 24 hours on all platforms.

Have a great day.