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Some movies must be removed or at least, have a warning about racial, gender and other cultural stereotypes and norms that are not acceptable today and might offends some viewers. The stereotypes perpetuated in movies are particularly hurtful to historically oppressed and marginalized groups.
Some examples,
- Gone with the Wind depicts idealized lives of slaves which is not representative of their reality,
- Aladdin: the bad Arabs are ugly and have foreign accents while the good Arabs – Aladdin and Jasmine – possess European features and white American accents.
- Breakfast at Tiffany's  mocks Japanese people.
- Peter Pan:  is full of Native American stereotypes, from use of the word "Injun" to the song "What Makes the Red Man Red."
- West Side Story: Race relations and discrimination are at the heart of this classic Romeo and Juliet story -- which makes it all the more puzzling that the key role of Latina Maria is played by white Natalie Wood.
- etc.
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I understand the concern. Considering other options before viewing a movie or TV series, I don't think it's necessary. This information can be added to the title's Parents Guide section. Also, various well-written user reviews may mention this in their summaries.

If you prefer to be warned on this matter, doing some research before viewing may help. If any viewer watches a film or a TV series from the past, expect to see stereotypical depictions, especially from a historical perspective.
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Some movies must be removed


Remove yourself from the world, rather.

I heard CHAV is accepting immigrants.
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It is Chop now.
It's President is............
Born in 1938, Goofy became Mr. President of CHAZ (now Chop) by default. No one else in the newly formed country was smarter than him. Notice the gloves. He was aware of passing along germs when he was born. So he is politically correct for our times. Educated at Walt Disney University now a subsidiary of Monsters U. he graduated with a ate grade certificate of failure. Now equal to a college degree in nuclear physics. Goofy want's to defund the "Keystone Cops"
By the way the Keystone Cops Movies should be banned as they portray a stereotypical vision of the police that is bad. There should be a warning that police are in general not like that or that contrary to  current media are not 100% corrupt. There are on the whole less bad cops then there are bad guys. By a wide margin.

Goofy  Mickey and Friends Wiki  Fandom
Oh by the way.....Aba,

You need to post a warning that you might offends some folks while you rant about racial, gender and other cultural stereotypes and norms that only the Looney Toons Left cares about.

Please do not fill the heads of persons with your gobbldigoop nonsense.

Without those old movies how can one compare Gone With the Wind to vastly improved classics like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, a far superior movie, which I'm sure is your favorite title.


Please keep your opinions to yourself. You are in the minority here.

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Sheer brilliance!

Edit: Except the diss of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre". That was uncalled for!
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Vroom Vromm Wing ding ding!
They DID NOT use American made chainsaws.
As a replacement classic, we'll go with that Broadway hit turned flop movie thingy!!
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Some movies must be removed

IMDb's primary objective is to be a source of information, not a streaming service.
 Removing legitimate IMDb pages is not in their policy.

Removing them would be doing historical revisionism
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A warning may be needed with a few features. Reportedly when HBO Max airs GONE WITH THE WIND there will be an explanation from a scholar about the story's setting with slaveowners. 

I think something like that can help out. 
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Racism (and related issues) is one of the worst evils in the world, no question about that, but ”banning” old classics and animations doesn’t help at all. People tend to lose their perspective when they get mad, angry and frustrated to the ”system”. They start finding the devil everywhere and from everyone.

Where to draw the line anyway? Some people (even some filmmakers which is a bit scary, to be honest) try/want to erase films like ”Gone with Wind” but leave out the films that have sex, violence, language, drug use, political issues or even propaganda, issues with religion, etc etc. The list is pretty much endless. We can’t just ban or remove films just like that.

My approach is to watch these films and talk about them, maybe even ”educate” people. My son will surely see all the films from the list of the first post. Then we talk about them together in a calm and informative manner. Censorship is one of the last things I want to pass on to my kids. We don’t burn books anymore. Well, at least I really hope so.