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Hi, is it possible to combine two search criteria in an advanced search? Such as country and gender (men/women), for example??
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Posted 4 years ago

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Yes. Go to advanced name search. There you can click male/female and type in the country they are from. There are a bunch of other options as well.
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Thank you. But I am trying a more complicated exercise: list movies of a certain country (a number of countries, one by one) , that is, using the advanced search for titles, not for individuals; and then get female directors in that list. Indeed, there is nothing on "male/female" if I search per titles. 

I can do it more slowly using the search for individuals, ticking female, going through birth country by country, and posting the job in the mini bio (director, scriptwriter, producer...)
Any other idea is welcome! 
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Oh, that is more complicated. I don't believe that is possible. The only tip I can think of is trying key words with the country criteria like: "female director". The only problem with that is you'll only find those films if someone actually bothered to make "female director" a keyword.
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Hi, Ignasi:

RbDeraj is right. It is not possible to retrieve such a list from IMDB directly by using advanced search. Nor even the plain text files from the repository are 100% useful in this case because gender is not one of the available data to download.

However, with a bit of craftiness we still can obtain interesting and quite exhaustive results working with the FTP files. We have the complete list of directors (directors.list) and their titles' country of origin (countries.list), so crossing and compiling information to get a table with rows of the type director→title→production country is easy. The most difficult part is filtering by gender because, as I said above, IMDB doesn't offer that info...

Whenever a new name is created on IMDB, "male" is the default gender. The only exception are actresses's new names, and even in that case the contributor has to activate a specific actress radio button (the option actor is checked by default). Similarly, when a first acting credit is added to the existing page of a person who only has crew roles, the actor/actress radio button (which is a mandatory choosing) will determine his/her gender. To change the gender from male to female when the person doesn't have acting credits requires an elective submission. That implies that many (if not most) female gender assignments in the database come from the addition of acting credits (actresses credits) to a name page. Also, keep in mind that self appearances (e.g. interviews, awards
ceremonies, etc.), in IMDB's words, are "acting credits" as well, so it's quite probable that a well-known female director has at least one "acting credit" in her filmography. In conclusion, not every female director has a "female gender" stored in the database, but a good percentage of "female directors with female gender on IMDB" have at least one actress credit. Therefore, we can use the file actresses.list to get a partial list of all the people with female gender in the database and then we can use it to filter the results of our first table, so we finally reach the desired triad female director→title→production country.

It is true that it's not a 100% comprehensive list but, as we say here, "no están todas las que son, pero sí son todas las que están" Juas (not everyone that matters is listed, but everyone on the list matters). I don't know the purpose of your investigation, but by using the method I've described we get a big subset of 148,733 titles and 28,988 female directors ready to being analyzed.

Here's a brief description: As of 15 Jul 2016 there were...
  • DIRECTOR CREDITS: 2,523,390 credits
                              ~ 438,185 names in 2,153,756 titles ~
        Male director credits (at most): 2,370,094 credits [93,9%]
                              ~ 409,197 names in 2,037,499 titles ~
        FEMALE DIRECTOR CREDITS (at least): 153,296 credits [6,1%]
                              ~ 28,988 names in 148,733 titles ~
                  Films: 54,057 credits
                  Made for video (V): 8,883 credits
                  Made for TV (TV): 6,412 credits
                  Series level: 5,227 credits
                  Episodes: 78,500 credits
                  Videogames (VG): 217 credits

  • The following graphs show the evolution (in absolute and relative terms) of the presence of females on director roles throughout the years. It's slowly increasing (OK), but still modest.

    All titles:

    Excluding series and videogame credits ~ only films+(V)+(TV):

  • Regarding the distribution of titles per country, I'll focus on the 69,352 female director credits that don't belong to series/episodes or videogames (i.e. films, made for video and made for TV titles), mainly because you mentioned your interest in listing movies, yet also because managing episodes info is a bit more complicated (you can treat them as individual titles or rolling up their properties to the series level and encapsulate them on a single whole; I've done both approaches in case you'd like additional data about series credits).

    With small variations, currently there are 242 different countries of origin on IMDB titles. Well, there's at least one female director credit for nearly 80% of them (191). The countries that have zero instances of female directors (in non-series titles) are the following:
           · Andorra.
           · Anguilla.
           · Aruba.
           · Barbados.
           · Benin.
           · Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba.
           · British Virgin Islands.
           · Brunei Darussalam.
           · Cayman Islands.
           · Central African Republic.
           · Comoros.
           · Cook Islands.
           · Djibouti.
           · Dominica.
           · Equatorial Guinea.
           · Eritrea.
           · Falkland Islands.
           · Federated States of Micronesia.
           · French Guiana.
           · Gambia.
           · Gibraltar.
           · Grenada.
           · Holy See.
           · Kiribati.
           · Lesotho.
           · Marshall Islands.
           · Mauritius.
           · Montserrat.
           · Nauru.
           · New Caledonia.
           · Niue.
           · Norfolk Island.
           · Northern Mariana Islands.
           · Saint Barthélemy.
           · Saint Helena.
           · Saint Kitts and Nevis.
           · Saint Lucia.
           · Saint Martin (French part).
           · Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
           · Samoa.
           · San Marino.
           · Sao Tome and Principe.
           · Solomon Islands.
           · South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.
           · Suriname.
           · Svalbard and Jan Mayen.
           · Tonga.
           · Turkmenistan.
           · Tuvalu.
           · United States Minor Outlying Islands.
           · Vanuatu.

    And here's a breakdown of the countries that are represented by female directors in some of their productions:

                          ~ 25,700 names in 67,217 titles ~

        Unknown production country: 599 titles

        ONE-COUNTRY PRODUCTIONS: 61,999 titles

        CO-PRODUCTIONS: 4,619 titles
                  2 countries: 3,508 titles

                  3 countries: 745 titles

                  4 countries: 208 titles

                  5 countries: 87 titles (87 different combinations of 5 countries)
                  6 countries: 30 titles (30 different combinations of 6 countries)
                  7 countries: 15 titles (15 different combinations of 7 countries)
                  8 countries: 4 titles (4 different combinations of 8 countries)
                          · A Sauropod Abroad (2016)
                          · El Aula Vacía (2015)
                          · Other Than (2012)
                          · Women Building Peace (2014)
                  9 countries: 5 titles
                          · And (2012)
                          · Brain Power: From Neurons to Networks (2012)
                          · Love Is... (2016)
                          · Something (2011)
                          · We Are Not Living in a Fucking Hospital (2011)
                  10 countries: 6 titles
                          · One Perspective (2014)
                          · Power (2015)
                          · Project 11 (2011)
                          · The Economics of Happiness (2011)
                          · The Tin Woodman of Oz (2009)
                          · When Giants Fall (2015)
                  12 countries: 3 titles
                          · Let Them Eat Cake (2014)
                          · Let Them Eat Cake - Director's Cut (2014)
                          · Peaceful Thoughts (2011)
                  13 countries: 2 titles
                          · Going the Distance: A Honeymoon Adventure (2014)
                          · Numbers (2013)
                  15 countries: 1 title
                          · Caffeinated (2015)
                  16 countries: 2 titles
                          · 2 Degrees (2013)
                          · My Reincarnation (2011)
                  25 countries: 2 titles
                          · Train Station (2015/I)
                          · Visions of Europe (2004)
                  29 countries: 1 title
                          · Road to Change: The Walk to Stop the Silence, Stop Child Sexual Abuse (2017)

----------------------------------- EXAMPLE: SPAIN -----------------------------------

As I've shown above, simply by downloading and processing the three plain text files (actresses.list, countries.list, directors.list) you'll be able to gather an extensive collection of films directed by women. Then you can filter them by country of origin and analyze them as you wish. Curiously, you share identical name with a very well-known Spanish figure, former Director of the ICAA (Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts), so I'll use my own country as an example.


    Any type of title:

    Excluding series and videogame credits ~ only films+(V)+(TV):


        SPANISH PRODUCTIONS: 1,332 titles

        SPANISH CO-PRODUCTIONS: 286 titles

                  2 countries: 169 titles

                  3 countries: 63 titles

                  4 countries: 27 titles

                  5 countries: 18 titles

                  6 countries: 3 titles

                  7 countries: 1 title

                  9 countries: 1 title

                  13 countries: 1 title

                  16 countries: 1 title

                  25 countries: 2 titles

                  29 countries: 1 title

Now you can follow the same steps to inspect every country you'd like.

Hope it helps! Hola
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Mind blown. All hail ljdoncel.

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