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Hello again - 

While I understand it is IMDB's responsibility to be the most factual to have the most reliable information - I too, feel the same, and in response to my previous post, which was closed after one response, am seeking justice, and to just simply be the most factual, and reliable about my credits. 

As I am sure most people enjoy having credits that don't belong to them on their pages, I am not one of those people.

I am not trying to change my entire profile - merely 2 credits, one of which I have proof of, while the other is a little bit tougher, but also a project I have never heard of and was either given the credit by accident or the name was ingested incorrectly. 

The two credits in question are (story) credits for 2 short films Astoria Gardens (2008), and Thorns (2007) - the latter being the credit I have never heard of or was not a part of the project, and a just seeking to be and present the most accurate information. 

As for Astoria Gardens, in a previous post, I provided information for an incorrect director credit, and am doing the same for a writer credit that I was given willy nilly - but does not belong to me

The images that I do have, which I was able to unearth from a hard drive (which are a few other garden photos) I can provide if needed - the film however no longer exists. 

This is what I have, and would hope that it will suffice - 

As listed in a previous post, I will continue my effort, and send a new message each day. 

Christopher Eadicicco 

Here are the contribution numbers for both - 



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Posted 1 year ago

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It's all I have - the project itself is so old, that no one who was involved with it, even has a working copy of the film - 

I have a few screen grabs, that were used to help promote the film - so not sure what else to do?

Not trying to be a stickler, but making the attempt to correct items that don't belong to me, and actually belong to someone else.

I'd rather be honest and truthful than have false credits on my profile. 
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Hi, Christopher:

Regarding Thorns, don't worry, here are some screenshots...

Regarding Astoria Gardens... can you explain this?...

I believe that your posting history (actually yourself) is your worst enemy here... The best of your knowledge is too unreliable over time...
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I’m just trying to adjust information that’s been corrected by the filmmakers involved.

This is simply about writing credits that I know aren’t mine to be credited and were corrected by producers, filmmakers involved - so doing my best, whether information was submitted years ago, versus the corrected, out in the universe information.

IMDb has been helpful in correcting the information, with substantial evidence I have been able to provide, or been able to get my hands on from other contributors to the projects - and am now just doing my dudiligence and trying to correct these final items.

In the end I am just trying to be truthful.