Congratulations, pere-25366 on Reaching 600,000 votes!

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pere-25366 is the 6th person to achieve 600,000 votes. His 225 polls have 600,203 votes with an average of 2,668 votes per poll. His first poll (Most Influential Decade Defining Actor) went live on 17-Jul-2016. His most current poll (TIFF 2019 — Gala Presentations) went live on 19-Aug-2019. His poll with the most votes (The Best 2010s Superhero Movie) has 24,551 votes. His polls average 531 votes per day.

This is the list of pere-25366's polls as of 23-August-2019:

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Dan Dassow, Champion

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Posted 12 months ago

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Kyle Perez

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Wow! 3 years since the beginning... time has really flown. I'll save the sentimentality but say that this journey as a poll author (and getting to know each and every one of you incredibly awesome people) has just been an absolute joy.

Thank you to the IMDb Editors for allowing my work to be shown on the homepage.

Thank you to Col Needham for the genius idea of creating this awesome site for us.

Thank you to all the voters out there who have made a poll community possible with their awesome support.

And thank you to Dan, DC, Ruby, ElM, Yrnej, Peter, Jess, Tsar, Paok, NDb, Leavey, Hoekkie, TMS, Nikolay, Silitonga, Alb and anyone else who I've met along the way and made a good friend out of. You guys have truly made my life brighter :)
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Kyle, you've been a great addition to the poll board. I hope you find the time to contribute here while also mastering a hopefully successful life. Anyway, congrats!
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15yearsIMDber aka ElMo

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Life always finds a way... but it's true his presence is missed!

Congrats, Kyle! And good luck with your new projects!
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Kyle Perez

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Thanks alb! I hope for the same and I really appreciate the kind words.


Life does indeed.. I hope to come back regularly in some capacity soon. And congrats on your milestones of 1.1 million! I'm not sure I ever formally congratulated you but wow, what an incredible achievement. So proud of everyone really :)
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Congratulations Peru!
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Nikolay Yeriomin (Mykola Yeromin), Champion

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Congratulations, Kyle! A very impressive milestone and body of work! 
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Congrats, KP
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GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!
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