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The Title View has some superfluous and duplicate information. By condensing the layout a little, a lot more information can be made visible without scrolling.

Here are 2 screenshots:

current Title View: http://madshi.net/IMDb_CurrentTitleView.png
condensed Title View: http://madshi.net/IMDb_CondensedTitleView.png


1) I've joined the separate "trailer" and "videos/images" sections into one, because they were partially duplicate and consumed much more space than necessary overall.

2) I've increased the size of the poster a bit, which makes it possible to place the "trailer/videos/images" section *and* the main information box to the right side of the poster.

3) I've removed the "Watch now" and "People who liked this also liked" stuff, because I find both of these useless - or at least much less important than the Cast. I can understand if the "Watch now" might be necessary to allow IMDb to earn some money. In that case please try to integrate it into the page with as little layout height increase as possible. The "People who liked this also liked" IMHO is not completely useless, but far less important than e.g. the Cast. So the "People who liked this" should be moved much further down the page.

4) Because the Cast list is now very near to the top of the page, I was able to remove the "Stars" line from the main info box.

Overall, these changes reduced the height of the layout from 1845 pixels to 1100 pixels, without losing any information that is useful to me. Of course I understand some of these changes may reflect my personal priorities and other users may have other priorities. But I think at least 1) and 2) should be an objective improvement for the majority of users.
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