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Clicking on Company Credits ... See more>> or individual Production Co. it send u on IMDbPro  log in page, I assume it's a clinch.
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Posted 2 months ago

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Thanks for the problem report. We have opened a ticket with the appropriate team.
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While I do thank you for your honesty, it's worth mentioning that you have just eliminated many of the reasons I use IMDB in the first place. I used the company pages to help me find many of the upcoming films, including many older films that I would not have known about otherwise.

I understand nothing can be done about this, but as a user (and not just a browser) this is very unfortunate. As you say, many of the features are a decade old, but many of us have been here using ALL Of those features for that decade. 

I am sad to see these features go, but again thank you for your honesty.
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Thanks for the feedback -- we are interested in your use case here so we can look at alternatives.  Would you mind giving some examples about how you have used the company filmography pages to make viewing decisions or find films? 
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Specifically, if I go to "Walt DIsney Pictures" company page, I can find titles that have no cast or even writers attached to them yet. I admit that I have many films in my watchlist that are not due to be released for many years. But certain titles which may not be released  for years may spark my interest. Honestly, they give me something to look forward too.

Titles like "Untitled x project" are also found under company pages, and depending on what the 'x' stands for, they can also spark my interest.

Also, under companies which are much smaller, like "The Asylum" - I know, they're so bad but they are a guilty pleasure - often the only way I was ever to come across their new titles was through their company page on IMDB. Their Wikipedia page is unreliable and often they don't update their Youtube until it is time for the film's release.
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Thanks, this is very useful.
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A quick follow-up, please see the reply below to Chribren.  In your first example, the Disney company would link to and then clicking to sort by year would generate,desc

At the moment advanced title search at just supports eight companies.  We are looking at supporting all companies and then linking the company names across IMDb to the corresponding search.  Does this sound okay? 
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There are movies, shows and games in which civil service agencies, film commissions, libraries, hospitals, foundations or organizations of varieties of other kinds are credited: Federal Bureau of Investigation, Navy. Air Force, Coast Guard and National Air and Space Museum, for instances. The filmography information is not easy to find elsewhere, and searching for it via a web search engine will most certainly produce false positives very frequently. It's not hard to understand what the problem with changing the system around is. By all means, please expand the functionality of the Advanced Title Search, but understand that in the mean time, you're depriving non-Pro IMDb subscribers, some of whom have helped build your site up.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Data of production companies.

I cannot get to any data of TV or movie production companies previous works - titles I used to get in the past over Imdb.
Every name I try I end up on the pro subscription site.
 Is Imdb trying to scare all its users away?
No one will pay their monthly fees for something you can look up over Google.
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Seriously, I'm sick and tired of these pages redirecting to IMDbPro pages and now I miss reading the company filmographies. I don't need to pay to read the filmographies, I want to read them for FREE. Can you PLEASE hurry up and move the URLs and pages back?
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Does this sound okay? 
No, it does not sound okay. The advanced search example you gave is not going to replace company filmographies, because it's not restricted by function, so the search result brings up hundreds (or thousands) of thanks and miscellaneous credits as well as production ones. This makes it completely useless. And is there really going to be search support for every obscure film company from the 1910s or 1920s? When? 5 years from now?

This is a terrible change and it's just one more terrible change. When you closed the message boards you said that it wasn't one of the core functions of the site, the core function was to be a film database. But what sort of database takes away the ability to cross-reference the data?

This change not only reduces functionality and greatly reduces the usefulness of IMDb, but it makes it very difficult (if not impossible) to add, check, correct and delete company credits. The only solution I can see is just not to bother submitting them anymore.
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Please count me as another person who would prefer that when one does a search for "pixar" under Companies, and gets a list such as the one at, one should be able to click on Pixar Animation Studios [us] and see a list of films for which that company is credited. The company filmographies should not be restricted to IMDbPro users, and while they should be accessible via Advanced Title Search, that should not be the only way to access them.

I understand if the software which serves the company filmographies needs to be reprogrammed. However, if it is technically possible to serve the company filmographies on IMDbPro, then it ought to be technically possible to serve them on the free site too, at least after the reprogramming has been completed.

"The complexities of trying to tie company credits across different branches and subsidiaries" may be difficult, but if they are a software problem, then that problem either is being resolved for the Pro users, or it isn't. If it's being resolved for the Pro users, then it can be resolved for the free site users. From that point, it's just a matter of what IMDb chooses to allow to the free site users.
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Thanks for the feedback.  The problem is the complexity of re-introducing another top-level page type vs. the amount of traffic the company pages were receiving on the consumer IMDb site. We are trying to thoughtfully simplify the IMDb software and customer experience so we can continue to move quickly and reduce bugs and inefficiencies.  You have seen how bad things can get when we do not do this and so we are finished with the old approach! 

Of course, it is possible to rebuild dedicated company pages, however, this would mean fewer resources to dedicate to enhancing the more core parts of IMDb. Search is already a core part of the site and something we are stepping up in 2018, so creating a virtual company filmography page via search is our preferred approach.  Remember also with company data fully integrated into search, it means other sections which likewise use search can benefit from filtering by company name. It's win-win as they say :-)
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I just wanted to chime in: the company search will only be truly useful if we can distinguish between Production vs. Distribution companies. And that is the only way you would truly replace the (now former) filmography pages with the search function, and truly score that double win.
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Col, the only way this works is if clicking on a company link brings you to the appropriate search page. That is an acceptable solution. The less work a user has to do once they are redirected to the search engine, the better, but I can understand that if very few users actually click on the company links, it's probably not worth your time to write code to make it easier. So if I click on A24 and am brought to a search page (opening in another tab if I control-click) where I can either type in A24 in a text box or (better) click to put a check mark next to "A24," that works fine.

What you absolutely cannot do (as I explained earlier in the post with all the upvotes that is, coincidentally I'm sure, the post you didn't respond to) is ask people to join IMDBPro every time they click on a company link. That reads like begging for money to access data that you have advertised as free (and which in some cases was provided to you for free).

While we're improving search, the search by genre absolutely has to have a "[ ] Films in any of these genres (OR)" versus "[ ] Films in all of these genres (AND)" option. I might want a list of all sci-fi, fantasy, and horror films, but I might also want a list of romantic comedies -- which is decidedly not the same as a list of all romances OR comedies.
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Like a lot of ordinary users I came on this change by chance.  First time i thought it was a bug.  Then I wanted to look up all the films produced in the 1970s under the American Film Theatre banner.  I hadn't found this thread at that time so I looked at Wikipedia and their data looked pretty accurate.  I certainly wouldn't join IMDBPro to look at this and am baffled that the click takes you to what is an ad instead of taking you to the search page.  Another half thought through change.
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How long do we have to still wait for this new IMDb system and the new company filmography link pages to be made and complete? Me and the movie guys can't take this madness and wait anymore! We want our new company filmography link pages now! Waiting too long is freaking killing us!! We regular IMDb users can't afford IMDb Pro!!!