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Many of us miss (since the 6 Dec 2017 Update to List Pages) Compact View/Mode for various reasons. I'm going to attempt to list the features I miss. Please comment if I omit something important.
  1. One line per title, NO thumbnail image
  2. 250 titles on a page
  3. The Columns should be:
    1. Checkbox to select the title for copy/move/delete
    2. Position number, editable 
    3. Icon for description/comments of list creator. Mouseover would display those comments. Perhaps click on icon for pop-up edit window.
    4. Clickable icon for pop-up display of Showtimes/On TV/On Disc/View online (not there before, but desirable)
    5. Title (Year of release)
    6. Title type (movie, short, TV, game, etc.)
    7. IMDb rating
    8. My rating, editable
    9. Date of my rating?
    10. Date added to list?
    11. Director?
  4. Ability to Refine and Sort as we have now with View Mode.
  5. Ability to Move To, Copy To, Delete, Save List Order as we have now in Edit Mode.
  6. Drag/drop to change position (previously in prior Edit Mode, but Compact View could replace old and new Edit mode with this feature list. However, it might need to be a separate feature, depending on processing power needed, especially for so many titles on the same page.)
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Posted 3 years ago

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Thanks for summarizing and posting this.
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Yes please bring back this compact mode option.  We appreciate your consideration!
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Yes!  Lists--my ability to categorize large numbers of movies for many different purposes, and IMDb's most important feature for me--has become awkward and laborious!  Please continue to vote this suggestion up.
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I would enjoy two extra things:

1. Compact view should show the number of votes received for my review. I could then easily see which of my reviews had been appreciated and then sort them by that factor.

2. A link to my review.

I know it's shallow but I used to come to this site on a very regular basis to see if anyone new had found my reviews helpful. Now I feel much less incentive to even post a review. And without a compact view showing this, I don't see the need to visit this site daily to review the list. It would be nice to have this back because I felt like part of a community here.
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btw I like everything suggested but director on the compact list isn't necessary.  Bottom like I hope they just bring the mode back the way it used to be or at least as close to it as possible.  Editing and updating my lists have become a chore lol