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So, basically, my idea is that IMDb should integrate Commercial Background Credit for when actors/actresses perform in a commercial. Commercials are a lot shorter than Movies, TV Shows, or Short Movies, but they are still valuable in terms of a career experience. They're also seen and liked by millions of people, worldwide. 

Personally, I'm a huge fan of commercials, because even though they're very short, they're very important in how they affect the USA in how customers will approach a product. They can also be very entertaining. For example, who remembers the Sasquatch commercials made by Beef Jerky? I rarely see those shown, nowadays, but they remain some of my favorite commercials!

I've noticed that a few websites/companies have noticed that commercials do prove to be worth millions of views and "likes" by a select fan base. For example, in the past few years, Hulu and YouTube have created and maintained a "Favorite SuperBowl Commercial" contest that they hold every year for the voting of the most-liked SuperBowl presented commercial. 

This voting process is priceless for companies that are striving towards the customer-base, with desires for appeal, attraction, and affection. 

So, my proposition to have IMDb allow the crediting of commercials, regardless of the length or weight that a commercial holds, would allow IMDb to become more popular, more useful, and excel potential careers in the film industry. It'll also establish a slightly wider fan base for people who use IMDb for information on actors, actresses, producers, directors, graphical designers, etc. 

Last year, Budweiser's "Puppy Love" commercial had 1.3 million shares tracked. If IMDb had received 10% of those shares in searches on the web, and if 10% of those searches led to the signing up of IMDb Pro, then IMDb would acquire 13,000 new subscriptions to IMDb Pro. That's just one commercial example. Imagine if IMDb had listings of over 16,000 commercials. That'd be a lot of potential revenue for IMDb, and the storage space would be minimal in cost.

So, don't just ponder this idea for my benefit (as a user searching out of curiosity), a person's career benefit, or a statistical data center, but ponder it for IMDb's benefit of new potential clients, visitors, and subscribers, alike.
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Just a note that most credits listed on IMDb are submitted by users who get the information from on screen credits.  I've never seen a commercial advertisement with on screen credits so I don't know how complete this could ever be.  Also, IMDb's main goal is to document on screen credits and only by exception are "uncredited" works listed.  So, back credits on screen, so where would the info come from other than the person on screen submitting it him/herself?

Further, "uncredited" works are not eligible for listing until the person has at least one credited work on his/her page.  I would bet that a high percentage of actors working in commercials are starting there and don't yet have credited work.  Opening up to allow uncredited work would be a mistake in that everyone else who has been an extra or is on screen in crowd scenes would be allowed to add that.  Can you imagine a sports related movie and the crowded ball park scenes with thousands of people visible on screen being able to list names...adding many thousands of credits to the database...I can only guess how long the backlog for processing might get.

I imagine a good many folks view commercials as something to avoid.That's how I feel and I know a lot of people who state that the best feature of DVRing a show or film is that commercials can be skipped.  Of coarse, the exception to that rule is Super Bowl Sunday...
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Good Point here. Cinema industry are doing some great commercials.

For instance, Castello Cavalcanti, a short film collaboration with Miuccia Prada's Italian fashion label, is a great digital content, added to watchlist.
Anderson's commercials are always as beautifully assembled as his films, and now that he (like David Lynch and others) is getting comfortable in the branded short film market, his work feels like it really has room to breathe.
  • white background are better.
  • these short movies ads should be consumed.
  • Creative dedicated webdesign should not be avoided.
  • a great feature to add for new movies and ads.
  • never opt-in!