Live Poll: Classic Film-Noir Villains

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In a genre where even the good guys are somewhat ambiguous, the villains are likely to be more than just "morally corrupted".

Creepy, eccentric, charismatic, dark or mysterious, these classic film-noir villains were certainly among the main ingredients that gave their movies this taste of cinematic immortality.

Which of these classic film-noir villains is your favorite?

(to stay on the "noir" mood, no color or neo-Noir movies included)
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Posted 3 years ago

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Eleanor Shaw
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Hey ElM,

Awesome list! My pick would be a toss up between Norma Desmond and Hank Quinlan (though I recently saw Rebecca and Mrs. Danvers would also be a great pick, such a tough genre to pick just one memorable villain!) A few notes:

1. Your "Discuss Here" link only goes back to the GS board, not this thread. Maybe you could correct that when you got a chance.

2. How about adding Kathie from Out of the Past (1947)? In classic femme fatale style, she was as sexy and alluring as she was conniving and deceitful. Her sheer beauty certainly made her a villain that was tough to resist. 
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Gracias amigo, I just fixed the 'link' problem.

As for your suggestion, I actually had "Out of the Past" in the "Forgotten noir villains" list ( but I found out Kirk Douglas' character was labeled as the villain, or maybe I just misread the film so if you saw the film, I'll trust your opinion and replace him.
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Actually you're probably right, Kirk Douglas' Whit can technically be considered the chief villain of the film, so I think what you have in both polls can be kept the same!
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Same Ruby!!!
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Voted for Reverend Harry Powell. I love everything about Night of the Hunter, although I've only seen it the once. It's an excellent film.

Good poll!