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This correction has been rejected. You need to correct this correction before it will be accepted.
  • The year in the new title must match the year in the old title. 
    If you need to change the year as included in the title, please submit a release date corresponding to the new year. If you do not know the exact date within the year, it is okay to omit the day and month in the release date. We will then update the year in the title accordingly if required.

    Please note that if you are correcting an existing release date by more than a year, you should also provide an explanation to assist in processing this change.

Were changing our release date from 2014 to 2016. We had to re-shoot the majority of the movie and add special effects,New cast

Here is my idmb movie link:

Here is the 1st new trailer we are about to release the 2nd trailer
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Posted 5 years ago

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It appears you're trying to change the title.  Instead, as the message you're receiving states, you need to change (or in this case, add) a release date, instead.

There is no release date added as of yet.  Adding one should adjust the year next to the name accordingly.
Thank you.. I also wanted to add a correction to the title its supposed to have Fellowships with an s at the end instead of fellowship with no s
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You can make the Title Correction and add a Release Date in the same submission or in two separate submissions. In either case, you will need to include the currently displayed year in the corrected title. In the unlikely case that the Title Year gets changed before the Title Correction is accepted, this correction will not affect the year; the system remembers changes for a couple of weeks to ensure that cases like this will be processed correctly.

Note that the routine that updates the Title Year from the Release Date does not run every day, so it may be a couple of weeks after the Release Date is added before the Title is updated.