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Please note: this message is about the Title Reference View, an advanced, opt-in setting, which is only used by a subset of select users.  If you don’t use this view, this announcement can be disregarded.

Today (December 19th 2017) we are announcing the release of an updated Title Reference View.  The new Title Reference View merges the previous “combined” and “reference” experiences into a single data-centric view containing full cast and crew credits.  While we realize there are some changes between the new and old versions, this new page still provides a condensed, data-centric representation of the title and is based on past surveys and contributor feedback.  As part of a larger initiative to modernize our software (https://getsatisfaction.com/imdb/topics/upcoming-changes-to-several-imdb-features), this page needed to be rebuilt.   The older page, while valuable, had major issues impacting its maintainability and overall speed.  The new page is now on modern, scalable software which can be improved and expanded over time.  For example, the new page is significantly faster, in both page load time and the data itself.  Title data is now rapidly published, allowing users the ability to find and update title information as soon as it is available (the old page was typically 2-3 days behind). 

While the new page is not exactly the same as the old, we still believe the new page properly represents the data itself.  If you notice an issue, please let us know.  We will be monitoring this thread to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

What does the new page look like?
Here is screenshot.  To toggle between the standard title display and the reference page, please update your user preferences as detailed below.

How do I see the new Title Reference View?
On “Site Settings\Update general site preference”, at https://www.imdb.com/preferences/general selecting this option will redirect you to the new page:

What happened to the Name Reference View?
As part of the larger project to modernize our software, we have decided to deprecate the Name Reference View.  While the differences between the primary title display and the title reference view are significant, the differences between the name displays were less extreme.

Why didn’t you include User Review detail on the new page?
We are actively working to add this information.  Check back soon.

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Posted 3 years ago

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Official Response
An update on 28 January ... 

Thanks for the feedback so far, please keep it coming as we tune the new contributor focused title reference view. 

Please note for customers who are not contributors, we strongly recommend the standard IMDb title display.  The reference view will always be focused on core data and will be missing non-data features.  You can opt out of reference view at any time via https://www.imdb.com/preferences/general or via the "Change View" link near the top of the reference view title pages. 

We have a fix in progress for the bug preventing the display of the (uncredited) attribute on cast lists. [FIXED]

We are adding support for additions / deletions to your watchlist. [FIXED] 

The poster will be linked to the photo viewer and will open the poster, as in the standard view [FIXED]

The box office information from the standard title view will be added soon. [FIXED]

The year of the title (at the top of the page) will be linked to an advanced search of other titles from that year, as in the standard view. [FIXED]

Add year ranges for TV series [FIXED]

Swap order of writers credits and attributes to match the rest of the page [FIXED]

Faulty display logic for some localized titles [FIXED]

Trivia & goofs not shown as active links in the navigation when all items are spoilers.

Some attributes, including (archive footage) & (credit only) display incorrectly. 

Company credits are missing attributes. 

Mini-series credits not displayed properly [FIXED]

Redirect loop when accessing reference view pages on mobile devices [FIXED]

[also remember from Nic's post above, user reviews will also be added] 

We have already simplified the options on the preferences page at https://www.imdb.com/preferences/general