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Hi all,

Just a quick announcement regarding Script & Continuity credits listed on IMDb.

In our continued efforts to accurately reflect the work of those in the industry and expand our ability to display data in the most authentic way - we'll be moving a large number of credits relating to Script & Continuity into their own category.

This process will take a couple of days to complete, so you may see some changes happening around these roles. Once all the changes have been completed, we'll respond on this thread to let you know. 

If you believe you have credits listed on your page which should be moved into this new department, please do not submit an update until we confirm the process has been completed as this may impact the migration.

You can find a new article on our help site which provides some more context to the roles - for example:

Script & Continuity
This department includes all jobs and functions related to the process of translating a script from paper to screen, including:
  • Overseeing and preserving continuity
  • Maintaining various drafts of a screenplay
  • Creating and annotating the shooting script
  • Generally ensuring the structural integrity of the story to facilitate the process of editing scenes seamlessly.
These jobs include:
  • Script supervisors and coordinators
  • Script editors
  • Continuity supervisors 
  • and more! 

The script department only includes production jobs - script related jobs for members of the screenwriting staff (like story editors) still belong to the writers list

It also only includes script continuity jobs - visual or sound continuity tasks (e.g. animation or storyboard continuity, adr continuity, etc.) belong to those respective departments (animation department, art department, sound department etc.)

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to reach out via the Contact Form.

Thanks all,

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Posted 11 months ago

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If possible, please also include the new article in Submission Guides: A - Z under Crew Members:
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Exciting stuff happening at IMDB with adding the department head category: Continuity & Script Supervisor.

The article just released specifically noted that all writers positions would remain in the writers category (perfect!). There is a mistake then with the Continuity category: the article listed that script editors would be included. A script editor is part of the writing staff. Script editors should NOT be included in the Continuity & Script Supervisor category.

To help with confusion in this regard - the category should be titled: CONTINUITY & SCRIPT SUPERVISORS.

The continuity/script supervisor works on set in physical production and most closely with the editor, director, and camera department. Script supervisors help correct and adjust dialogue ON SET; they are not part of the writing process or the writing department.
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This is more than a notion.  This is a great deal to me and my fellow Script Supervisors.  Thank you IMBD team.  Thank you for giving us a proper placement.  

Dawn Gilliam
Script Supervisor
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Dawn. Are these two credits yours? If yes, I will see to it that these two other name pages that contain them are merged into your page. There are three pages for you.

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Wonderful! However, please DO NOT INCLUDE SCRIPT EDITORS in this category! They are part of the writing staff! 
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I believe script editor are eligible in Writing category for quite some time now. 
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Thanks for the update. 

When the IMDb editors have a chance, please review the drop-down menu listing occupations for duplicates due to capitalization. Of note: script supervisor - 7,112; Script Supervisor - 190.

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Although I'm very happy about the change, you guys have really screwed up my credits in trying to do so. Make it right! 
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Is this in reference to some credits which are still in the Miscellaneous Crew section and not in the new Script and Continuity Department? According to the original post,
This process will take a couple of days to complete, so you may see some changes happening around these roles. Once all the changes have been completed, we'll respond on this thread to let you know.
I hope this helps.
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They screwed up mine too. I'm a story/script coordinator and NOT continuity. I am a junior writer and have never done continuity on any shows. This is a mistake and should be rectified.
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This is very good news.
Because it is (slightly) related, does this mean these credits also get properly placed:

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Hi all,

Just to let you know that the bulk moves have now been completed. Due to the nature of the way we store credits it is possible that some of the existing credits may have been missed as part of the transition. Any further edits will require a deletion to the existing credit and a re-add to the new department using the edit page feature like the below example:

The move request will then be reviewed by our data editors. Thanks again for your patience whilst this was completed.

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Thank you imdB for finally giving Script Supervisors their own category.  As Dawn Gilliam says, this means a great deal to us.  However,  I must agree with those who say Script Editors do not belong  in our category and should by right (just like story editors) come under the writing staff.

Sylvia Parker
Script Supervisor


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This is a great change except...... 17 of my script consultant credits are now under continuity. I don't work on set and am not a script supervisor. How do I move them back to the right category? 
Ruth Atkinson 
script consultant/story editor
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