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Today we are modifying the display of Characters across IMDb.
After in-depth discussion and examination, we have decided to simplify the display of Characters on IMDb, focusing our on-going efforts towards title specific character details.  While in concept, we love the idea of character data spanning across all titles, in practice we do not feel our past experience lived up to expectations. The majority of our previous character pages were dead ends, without any related content, providing a confusing and disjointed experience.  The filmography credits were often unusable, and the bios many times were inconsistent given numerous disparate story lines. While the previous experience had drawbacks, we truly appreciate all the hard work of everyonewho contributed to characters over the years.  That said, as of today, we are simplifying the experience, allowing us to retain the character concept while building a foundation for future growth.

With today’s release we have begun this transition.  Our new character experience will support title specific images, quotes, and keywords.  Moving forward we will no longer support character filmography, biographies, videos, character lists or polls.  To aid in this transition, we are temporarily retaining our prior character experience until Dec 6th.  This will provide our users time to archive any character lists, polls or biographies which they previously created or contributed towards. If you wish to migrate any character lists or polls, we recommend rebuilding the content with an image list.  Existing character lists can also be archived by selecting the “Export this list” option. During this transition, we have temporarily retained the character search option, but will suspend support after Dec 6th.  In the coming months, we plan to re-enable character search based on our new experience.
We understand this is a significant change which was made only after careful consideration.  We appreciate your understanding.

Here is an example of the new experience

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Posted 3 years ago

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As others have said, removing this feature was a really poor decision. At least let me sort an actor's acting filmography by character. I don't want to have to scroll slowly down an actor's filmography looking for the character in every film/miniseries/tv series the actor was in. It is taking me far longer than I like to find all appearances of a character by a specific actor.
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Excellent idea about filmography.
I took the liberty of including it in this Idea thread:
You may want to vote for/comment there.

As a workaround (on the desktop version), when you have Show All clicked, you can use your Browser's Search Within Page option to find each listing for the character.
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I'm not sure if this is a "character page" issue per se, but I would just like to be able to search for a specific character name and get a list of all the titles featuring a character with that name.  So for example, I would like to be able to get a list of all titles which feature a character called "Aloysius" and which actor played each character.  I should have thought this would be fairly simple to implement.

On a similar theme, it would be good to be able to search for all the titles which feature two specific actors, so you can see, for example, all the films where actor A has starred alongside actor B.
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Alex, it's called Google and Wikipedia.

"On a similar theme, it would be good to be able to search for all the titles which feature two specific actors, so you can see, for example, all the films where actor A has starred alongside actor"
That exists already and still exists.

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titles which feature two specific actors...

Bing Crosby (1903–1977)
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Bob Hope

Feature Film/TV Episode/Video/TV Movie/TV Special/TV Mini-Series/Documentary/Video Game/Short Film,
with Bing Crosby, Bob Hope
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79 titles
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Stephen, that is called being an unproductive asshat. Look it up in Google or Wikipedia.

Alex, that is close to a character page issue. If you were to search character pages, you would get a listing of characters of that name, but only those worthy of a page. (Then again, you could easily create a simple page for those without one on the fly, so that all characters would be included.) Each page would correspond to a specific character, listing its appearances, instead of having all characters sharing the same name mixed up. In any case, there would likely be fewer pages than appearances of a character of that name, since some characters appear in multiple movies.

That is clearly different from a mere list (search) of appearances of all characters by that name. The former would only show each separate character once (one character per page), regardless of the actual number appearances. Both would be trivial to implement, though, provided that the information was in a database. A list of appearances would be a single SQL query, same as a rudimentary character page could be, or a listing of matching character pages.