Bio-Trivia: Exclusion of "Rumors or gossip"

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[This somewhat silly post is just another one of my "observations".  It is not a "problem" report or complaint, not an "idea" or suggestion, not "praise", nor even a "question" (but I marked it as such because I'm required to specify a category).]

"Unacceptable Bio-Trivia:
... Rumors or gossip are completely and specifically excluded."


The exclusion may appear unambiguous and unequivocal, but perhaps it would be practically impossible to "completely" exclude rumor and gossip in crowdsourced bio-trivia about personalities in the entertainment business.

In any case, notes about  rumors have sometimes been accepted, at least if clearly labeled as such, as in these examples (most from bio-trivia, some from mini-bios):

> "... Rumored to be dating ______ whom he met on the set ...."

> "... Rumored in tabloids to be romantically linked to ...."

> "... Rumored that they are secretly married ...."

> "... Rumors of affairs ...."

> "... Rumor that he might be gay ...."

> "... Rumored to have worked on scripts ...."

> "... Rumored to be the true author of the Academy Award-winning screenplay of ...."

> "... Rumor has it that ______ sold this screenplay elsewhere ...."

> "... There have been rumors of an untitled novel ...."

> "... Rumored to have been cast for 2 feature films ...."

> "... Rumors have also spread that he may be playing the lead ...."

> "... Rumored to spend most of his time in Las Vegas ...."

> "... Rumored to own a large collection of boomerangs. ..."

> "... Rumored to be considering political office. ..."

> "... It is rumored that he is preparing ... the shooting of his second film ...."

> "... Rumor has it that ______ ended up a frontrunner for the series because ...."

> "... The backlash ... is rumored to have prompted ______'s exit ...."

> "... There are rumors that ______ may be back ...."

> "... There are rumors that she may soon resurface to the big screen world. ..."

> "... Rumored to be involved with the project. ..."

> "... Rumored to appear ...."

> "... According to rumor, she was remembered in the wills ...."

> "... There are ... rumors of an upcoming website dedicated to ...."

> "... There are rumors that ______ served as the writing staff's typist. ...."

> "... When ______ married ______, ... ______, according to rumor, did not attend ...."

> "... Her biological father ... is rumored to have been ...."

> "... Rumor suggest[s] that he also dubbed a few lines for Humphrey Bogart ...."

> "... It is rumored that ______ filmed a small uncredited cameo ...."

> "... It is rumored that ______ was the role model for ...."

> "... It is rumored that ______ was to portray ...."

> "... Rumor has it that ______ was discovered by a talent agent ...."

> "... There have been rumors that ...."

> "... Rumor always had it that ...."

> "... Some rumors state ...."

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Thank you for posting this Lucus. This is an issue that I've been concerned about for quite some time. Whereas as an editor on Wikipedia I can provide a citation for trivia, IMDb does not have any provision for providing a source for information.

It would be helpful for IMDb to provide a way to include citations for trivia. I fully appreciate that IMDb started crowd sourcing well before Wikipedia was established and that retrofitting trivia with a means for citations will take a long time for transition. Although far from perfect, what Wikipedia states regarding information on living persons can be instructive.

All articles must strive for verifiable accuracy, citing reliable, authoritative sources, especially when the topic is controversial or is on living persons. Editors' personal experiences, interpretations, or opinions do not belong.
For example, I wrote the IMDb biography for Paxton Whitehead before the Wikipedia article. Although I used the same sources for both articles, I was unable to provide them for the IMDb biography, whereas I can and did for the Wikipedia article.

IMDb already has a news feed from its NewsDesk partners. This could be used as a source for future citations for trivia.

When I have a more coherent suggestion / idea, I will propose it in a separate thread on IMDb Get Satisfaction site. In the interim, it would be helpful to discuss what is practical for IMDb in this thread. I would appreciate the thoughts from other IMDb users and staff members on this subject.