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I just had two reviews rejected and in both cases, the reason offered was "Badly Formatted."  I note that other members have recently complained about what appears to be a harsh and abusive use of this justification for rejecting reviews.

Frankly, this is getting very annoying and is destroying the relationship between IMDb staff and the members you rely upon for content.

My two reviews are, I think, well written, and I cannot point out any justification for these two actions.  My two reviews are posted in their originally submitted forms:

"An amazingly well written script combines with a strong ensemble cast to create a rare quality portrayal.

Though his lack of dialogue almost rendered Gene Evans as a bit player, the entire episode is founded upon his character of Clint Sorils, a hardscrabble mountain man who's bark is so tough that it hides almost entirely a heart of gold.

There is a particularly poignant scene where Kitty is attending Sorils' bedside and in a state of delirium, Sorils speaks out to his long departed wife. In that exchange, Kitty becomes quite emotional at the raw beauty of the words he speaks to her, projecting them to the woman he loved and lived with, mistakenly thinking she was by his side.

That scene by itself cements the excellence of this episode, but it accompanies many other fine acts. It also proves again that an actor can take few words and scenes and turn them into a memorable tour-de-force. And as fine an actor as Amanda Blake truly was, it didn't take much acting on her part to summon the emotional response the scene demanded.

Gene Evans was essential to play this role, as he completely owns the physical chops to play such a rugged man, who's immense size and strength is exceeded only by his character and compassion. Ultimately, the episode boils down to men of character standing up to men of weakness and amorality.

The writing and the acting take this episode to a level of quality rarely seen in theater. This script could be portrayed in a movie, on a summer theater stage, or on television, and be equally appreciated for its depth. It's a must watch episode."

Second review is:

"A pure moral play, and well written and acted to make the central lesson effective.
For a civil society to function, a person cannot make his own rules or laws. Essentially, what could have been was rendered destroyed, because the central character continued to make the choice of rejecting civilized redress to criminal actions carried out against him.

Through his charm and otherwise solid character, he turned a one man revenge tale into a far more tragic ending, when a completely innocent person becomes victimized.

In one particularly poignant scene, the central character openly asks what the difference was between him and Matt Dillon. He never answered his own question, but instead remained convinced it was a mere matter of "luck of the draw."

The episodes' finality illustrated the true difference. Even at the end, Dillon urged the man to "drop the gun belt," and surrender. One man never wanted to follow the law, while the other was honor bound to enforce it as well as adhere to it. That was the reason why the two characters ended up totally different.

Another of the episodes that made Gunsmoke immortal. An excellent piece of morality expertly played out, with a valuable lesson provided."

It is starting to look like staff members are abusively treating members, and at this point unless this behavior changes then I don't see any point in continuing this relationship with your site.
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Posted 8 months ago

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Hi Ken -

I reviewed both User Review texts you posted above and didn't find any violating content, please re-submit these User Reviews and post the submission reference numbers here immediately after and I can ensure that they are approved for you.
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Thank you!

For Gunsmoke:  A Hat:  190822-072311-365504

For Gunsmoke:  Vengeance Part II:  190822-072536-564804

I appreciate your prompt and honest reply.  I hope this diminish these unfortunate outcomes for all the members.
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Thanks Ken, I can see that both of these reviews were accepted and are now live.