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I've submitted thousands of quotes over the past 30 years or so, so it's not like I don't know how to submit a quote.  Of the 43 quotes I submitted this week, two were "declined" because of "bad formatting".  I've reread the guide and, for the life of me, I don't see what I've done that's wrong.  I've posted the two quotes below.  Any suggestions would be most helpful:

This one was submitted along with some other additions/corrections on 200407-230628-054000 :
Quote Addition[

Wonder Woman confronts a horde of Mongul's space aliens]

Rachel Kimsey (Wonder Woman): Can we skip to the part where I thrash you all?

[the aliens growl and surge forward]

Rachel Kimsey (Wonder Woman): I'm gonna take that as a "no".

Reason Badly Formatted.

This one's from #200408-022259-243000  - it was declined earlier in the week and I tweaked it so there was a space between the '...' and the first letter of the next word, but apparently that wasn't the formatting error in question:

Quote Addition

(Narrator): Treacherous times were those when the evil Tugarin came to trample the Russian earth and harass the Russian people. He came with his dark forces to collect a huge tribute from the town of Rostov.

Anatoliy Petrov (Grandfather Tikhon): Well, what are we going to do now, Russian people?

Oleg Kulikovich (Alyosha Popovitch): Hey, you people of Rostov, listen to me Alyosha, son of the priest. For how long shall we Russian people, suffer from invaders? Let us rise and protect our wives and children! Let us fight for Russian land?

Natalya Danilova (Granny): If you want to offer something specific, then go on and tell us, but if you're just wagging your tongue, then get down from the barrel! Don't be confusing the people.

Oleg Kulikovich (Alyosha Popovitch): Tikhan, my dearest friend, present our thoughts on written paper and give it to the people for judgment.

Anatoliy Petrov (Grandfather Tikhon): There! We defeat the Tugarins by using a ruse. We'll gather the gold tribute and put it in a cave under Bayun Mountian and as soon as their forces, we'll cover the entrance with a boulder.

Natalya Danilova (Granny): But how are you gonna get the gold back out of the cave?

Oleg Kulikovich (Alyosha Popovitch): The gold? But it... well... uh...

Liya Medvedeva (Lyubava): Let's just wait for our foes to die of starvation...

[the crowd gasps]

Liya Medvedeva (Lyubava): Well... or at least become weaker.

Reason Badly Formatted.

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Hey David, thanks for flagging this, I've resubmitted both on your behalf and they should reflect on the site shortly.