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Background are adding themselves to big films and it is a HUGE epidemic that needs to be stopped. They make up titles for themselves like "pedestrian" but what is more damaging is that they ruin a lot of plot information for films not released yet. As a Film Crew member--we and actors who are cast in films work hard for our credits. And I've been background before! I wouldn't dare add myself as I'm just that. Background. What's next--adding Props to IMDb? They are also in the background.
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Hi Marianna -

I understand the frustration, however, please note that we do allow background work to be listed on the site the work is in-line with the following guidelines.
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You're still technically playing a character, whether it be a pub patron, scared citizen running from Godzilla, a cop, tourist, or whatever it is. Some people play soldiers in a film, and are blurry on screen. But if you are clearly seen, that's okay for inclusion. So it's not a bad move to credit extras, as it's still a form of acting, but you need to have at least one credited role first, no matter how big or small that may be.
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Can IMDB please just ADD an "Extas" category?  That would really help solve the problem.
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@ Marianna Here's the thing. I am a filmmamker. Everyone contributing to making a film is important to make film to its full fruition. It may be unreasonable to add every name especially when they are not identifiable in the end product.  But if you don't have a full room of people in some cases, you don't have a film. Having a IMDb page for extras, Can help those who took time out of there lives to support the efforts of the director. IMDb should have a 'extras' category. So if someone wanted their efforts known. There it is. 

My uncle was a 'extra' on more movies and TV shows you could shake a stick at. Once he became famous for a few rolls, now a Icon, his fans and I are desperate to find him in these credits. Which IMDb lack. Imagine if Frank Sinatra was a extra at one point of his life? It it important when the rest of his career over shadowed that? No, people would love to see and know. My uncle doubled for Frank, no mention of Stunts, or Stunt Coordinator. My aunt doubled for Raquel Welch in the same movie she's not mentioned. So, bet your sweet bippy I will be adding my uncle in as any movie I know of because it's important. We need to continue writing the history of film. 
I found this feed because I was a Extra with Whoopie Goldburge and Ted Danson. I made a lot of friends behind the scenes with key people, even got to use the steady cam used to shoot the film. So it's more than a 'credit' it's a listing of talent. It was fun for me to be in front when I'm usually running the show behind the scenes. And my pursuit is not acting. It's directing. But that was part of my 'filmic' life. And we are all connected. Peace Stacy Poulos 

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Stacy Poulos ...... you're a star!