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From the 70s onward, with the vast majority of films being shot in color, it has become an artistic and/or stylistic choice to present a film in black and white. More often today it is used to pay homage to films of a begone era and invoke a sense of nostalgia, but it can also be used to help create a stark, emotionless, unforgiving world onscreen. Which of these films made most effective use of its black and white presentation?


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Posted 3 years ago

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'dead man' would be second on my list...what a great film...

but my vote has to go to 'shadows and fog'...

nice poll...everything is better in black and white... 
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The only ones on the list that were any good to me were "Schindler's List(1993)", "Ed Wood(1994)" and "The Addiction(1995)".  Can anyone else do better than me?
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good choices...really liked 'ed wood'...

for me...'dead man' and 'shadows and fog'...better choices...
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