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I mentioned this in a discussion on the main IMDB forum a while back when the FB comments plugin was first added to lists because:* Some people don't have FB accounts - like me* Some people don't want to link their FB accounts with their IMDB onesand, of course, it is weird to have a feature on your site, which people logged into the site can't use.FB has coded their plugin to allow more sites (like Google, Twitter, MySpace, etc.) but not activated this because of disputes with the companies:, IMDB plays nice with FB and is hardly a small site in its own right, so it doesn't seem unreasonable to ask if they'd make this an option.An admin in that discussion said it seemed a good idea and they'd pass it on, but I wanted to give it a mention here to make sure the idea hasn't got overlooked as it is important to quite a lot of us.
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Posted 7 years ago

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It would seem that IMDb would force people to FB to comment. That is not kosher. It has been disingenuous of IMDb to make it appear that non-FB users can post to IMDb lists, when they cannot.

IMDb should create its own comment thread, independent of Facebook.
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IMDB had its own comments thread and got rid of it for the FB plugin, so I doubt that is ever coming back soon, which is why I rolled with the punches and suggested the simplest solution is to get FB to allow IMDB users to login in with their details. After all, IMDB has hundreds of thousands of users so is hardly small fry in its own right.
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I refuse to join any social media: FB, Twits, etc.
So I shall edit my lists to add the following comment:
IMDB will not allow me to read your comments unless I join Facebook.
I don't wish to. So if you'd like to comment directly to me, please-mail me at, and I'll post you comments within my intro to my lists.
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I hate the "NSA" sponsored Facebook which basically takes one's private information and sells it to the highest bidder.  I do not have a Facebook account and will not get one to leave comments on your stories.  I can't believe you force people into joining that fascist website in order to express our opinions.

I am sure IMDB will be one of the first websites to sponsor the new Facebook chip implants so they can take control of the human race.

Can you tell that I watch way too many movies, but please don't make us use Facebook and yes they are corporatocracy lapdogs. All hail Mark Zuckerberg.