Around The Web Powered by ZergNet is objectifying women and men, remove, please?

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Around The Web Powered by ZergNet is objectifying women! The links almost always refere to female child actors that now, at a grown age "Are complete bomb shells", but the men are not discribed in that way at all... The women are judged by their looks and the men by their actions.. ZergNet seems to be an old click-bait page for cheap skin photos?
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Posted 12 months ago

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Should we go back to putting skirts on piano legs, Victorian style? Is that the direction the "politically correct" is leading us? I'm being facetious, I know, but I sincerely trust that the users request will be consigned to the oblivion it deserves... in my humble estimation.
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Weird. Objectification of women is a real thing, regardless how much you think sex workers love their life. (They don't)
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We appreciate the feedback, I was sure to forward this to the rest of the team for the review. In the meantime, please feel free to include any specific examples here.
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? ?

Why Women Kill (2019- )
Lucy Liu ...   Simone Grove (10 episodes, 2019) 

Lucy Liu (I)

Around The Web Powered by ZergNet

Love Scenes That Went Too Far

'Power Rangers' is Getting Rebooted Yet Again
The Disappearance of Fairuza Balk Has Finally Become Clear
'Star Trek' Actress Tragically Dies at 52

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I agree with all examples. Asking for examples and thus feigning interest and concerns seems cynical. Is quite cynical. is effectively saying: "we don't care about objectifying women.... as long as we get paid"
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled "Around the web" pain in the....


Would you (IMDb) consider removing the "Around The Web" by ZergNet functionality from the site?

Though assuming that this is a source of income for the site, these are predominantly clickbait links, with erroneous and often deliberately faulty headlines, with the sole purpose of attracting visitor flow to gain clicks/revenue.

This may seem like an innocent enough functionality, but it does surely uphold the practice of disinformation, or "fake news". These headlines are, more often than not, formulated to attract the lowest common denominator, sometimes even promoting conspiracy theories and smear campaigns.

For a database with (hopefully) an intent to maintain factual data, this part of the scan column is a disagreeable showing of misinformation. And for a media literate user it is a pain in the buttocks.

Thank you for your interest

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Totally agree!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Around the web Clickbait.

The “around the web” clickbait is really annoying and portrays many actors in a negative way, only to make people click on the links. I understand IMDB needs the royalties/ads, but it does not fit IMDB’s culture in my opinion.
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The biggest problem with zergnet, like taboola, is that it is a source of spam, malware and fake news. It also tracks people around their network of sites. It has zero place on the internet, let alone in an app or site like IMDB. Please remove it and find other ways to monetize.
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There is a HORRIBLE thumbnail under a zergnet ad over the last week or two.  The title under the thumbnail is "The Worst Movie Remakes of All Time".

If you've seen it you'll know what I mean.  While not showing much, it is pornographic.  And I would certainly say NSFW.  Take a look, on the middle right: