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Just switched from iPhone to Android for my new phone, and downloaded the IMDb app for Android, as I used it daily for iPhone. I was immediately shocked at how radically different it was, mainly in how many features it was missing that the iOS app had. For example:

1. There's no movie title underneath movies in almost any section of the app. Looking at what's in theaters and coming soon in particular, it's baffling why there's no title underneath the movie poster. The title is not always easy to see or read on the poster, so it's annoying to have to click into almost every movie to see what it is. Same as related movies when viewing a page. I don't get why you have a list of "follows" and "followed by", but don't say what the movies are called. 

2. You can't view what exactly people have been in if they haven't been present in every episode. For example, today I was looking at Breaking Bad's page, and wanted to know which episodes were directed by Ryan Johnson. It says on the Android App he directed 3 episodes. Upon clicking on that statement, it leads me to his page. Upon clicking on Breaking Bad to see which episodes he directed, it leads me back to the Breaking Bad main page. Long story short, I had to look up on wikipedia which episodes he directed because it's not on the IMDb app for Android. 

3. Huge glaring issue. Extreme lack of sorting and filtering options for ratings, and other personal lists. I was looking for what movies I've seen that were made in the 2000's. Guess what? I can no longer do that on the app. There are only two options to sort by on Androids app. Most recent, and top rated. I do not believe for a second that the iOS and Android operating systems are so different that filtering doesn't work on Android

4. Actor's Bio's are different. For example, Ryan Reynolds. Hugely successful and popular actor. This is reflected in his bio on the iOS app. If you only read his bio on Android, you'd think he was a total washout who never got any success in his brief career. They're so different it's ridiculous. 

5. Can't write reviews in the Android app. I don't think this one even needs explaining. 

My point being, that it feels like the Android app is like the iOS app in the same way that someone would compare a Volkswagon Bug to a Ferrari. Sure, they're both cars, but one is awful, and people should only use it if they're desperate, and one is fast, sleek, and has tons of cool features. It just baffles me what went so wrong, and I can only hope that it gets fixed/updated very soon. 
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Is it true that Android has more limitations than iOS? If so, then that would explain why the user space software on Android is more limited than the user space software on iOS.
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This post was unnecessarily harsh, now that I've reread it. I had not been having a good day when I read that. I realized that it is in fact possible to write a review on the app, and I just didn't realize it. It's entirely possible I'm already able to do the other things on here and just dont realize it. If that's the case, I would appreciate being able educated how I can. Thanks.
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Hi Aidan -

Thanks so much for the feedback! We understand that our Android app is missing some functionality of the iOS app - and we've been working hard to close those gaps. This year, we rebuilt our actor/actress pages, sped up loading on all pages, added the ability to write reviews (as you noted), rebuilt our homepage Recommended for You widget, and a lot more. But - we're not quite where we want to be yet.

Specifically, to the points you noted:

1. We removed the title text under posters last year to minimize the design - but we've gotten feedback from a number of users that this is confusing. We're planning to add it back next month.
2. We've been planning to update/refresh our episode navigation this year - and we'll make sure this is added.
3. We're working on this right now - you'll first see the Watchlist refreshed (with sorts/filters) next month, and ratings will follow shortly thereafter.
4. Can you explain what you're seeing here? When we look at the bios on Ryan Reynolds across both apps, we're not seeing any difference.
5. Enjoy writing reviews! :)

Please keep sharing feedback as you use the Android app - it helps us to make it great!

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Thanks so much for the quick reply! I'm very happy to hear that not only are the issues being fixed, but they'll be fixed soon! As to #4, I specifically remember reading something interesting in the bio of Ryan Reynalds in the iOS app, but it wasn't there in the Android. It's possible it was a user edit or that that part was removed somehow, and I just didn't realize it. If they look the same across both apps, fantastic! I just remembered there being more in the iOS, but again, its always possible that I'm wrong