Follow other users and be notified of their ratings and other activities on IMDb

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If we just can add our friends like facebook and share our movies and ratings together I think it would be more fun and useful :) And also we can compare our rating history and that would be very good for users :)
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Posted 7 years ago

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Good idea :)
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thanks :)
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I'd like it if friends could search my lists with Advanced Title Search. That's be cool.
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Yes, adding more social features to IMDB could help people find more films, which has to help IMDB's sister sites like Amazon and LoveFilm.
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As witnessed by the recent addition of more user-specific improvements (profile pages, badges, voting compatibility/comparisons) we are definitely putting more emphasis on social features. I don't really know if a 'friends' feature is being planned at this point, but it's definitely one of many things being considered.
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pretty please?

and if I can add a point, it'd also be great to link your Watchlist with a friend's when trying to pick what to watch, in order to see what movies you're both eager to watch and decide easier.
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Nice, Manthos..great idea!
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Is there some advance on this? Another one thread to follow?
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rottentomatoes does it quite efficientily (even if clearly the website structure is quite poor), comparing movie ratings with friends and make it easier to keep track of who's watched what and if he liked it would be an extremely popular feature
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With Facebook one can "like" a page and see how many of his / her friends liked that page too. Also, one could make suggestions for other movies / pages that your friends "like" too. This is a great way to discover other movies in the same area of interest as your friends. Of course, in the IMDB website this feature would provide the same kind of functionality provided from the "People who liked this also liked..." "IMDB community" information block. But within Facebook it would add something usefull because it provides information within another social "Personal friends" context.

So +1 for this idea
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i agree with the views above,flixster has a feature called movie compatibility by which one can compare movie ratings with friends.that way we can know with whom we share similar tastes.if such a feature is introduced in imdb it wud be great.
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"Adding Friends to IMDB Account - Original post added 5 months ago"

Dear IMDB, Please make this happen :D Your website will benefit so greatly with this :D
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IMDb has an "adding friends" option but the person you added wouldn't know if you were on his/her friends list, its more of a watchlist than anything else i.e, you can use it to find the user profile of someone you follow and also find out if there were active recently and just a slightly faster way to send private messages...they should rename it to "People I follow who don't really know who I'am"

I generally use it to add people who may be known movie stars and to see if they have been active recently..
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Yeah, for me it works like a "follow" button.
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This is a great initiative, IMDB should consider it.
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One of the must features for IMDb.
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Goodreads might be a good model for how this could work. On that site, your home page has a Facebook-like news feed of updates from your friends: titles they recently rated, or want to read (i.e. Watchlist). An awesome way to make the site more social. Also I'd rather only share my ratings with friends I've added and not with the general public.
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I like the Goodreads comparison. I would like to be able to click on a movie and indicate that I've seen it, or want to see it, and provide a rating or comment.

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I simply cannot believe that IMDb hasn't implemented a friends system yet. It a absolute hoot to see your friends ratings on goodreads (IMDb for books) for example. A feature where you can see your friends ratings on a movie should be top priority.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Friends Network between IMDB users.

why there is no friends network between imdb users..
it would be great to know how my friends rated the movies i watched and would discuss and debate that
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Any IMDB staff here ? What will happen for this idea ?!
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Dear imdb,

This website is really cool, but I really miss a group movie recommendation feature. It would be amazing to be able to add friends (or even create groups of three people and more), and then see two different sections, one showing which movies both people (or all people in a group) have in their watchlist, and one showing movies both people (or the whole group) haven't seen but should enjoy watching together.

Since the watchlists already do exist, the first features should be super easy to create, and the second one would probably be based on the same algorithm as the individual recommendation... And it would be so helpful to have this feature on this website, instead of using other apps and tools. :)

Thank you!
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Please IMDB, this feature!
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This is the #1 missing feature from IMDb. To my mind, the home page should be focused on social. This would give many friends, family members, etc. an incentive to join the site. I always ask if friends use Goodreads—its popularity seems to have spread by word-of-mouth. 

It would clearly give a boost to votes on titles and more ad revenue for IMDb. They'd be crazy not to implement this before someone else does it better!
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Hi All,

I moved from another site where "friends" were implemented and I miss it so much ((((

Please add "friends / friends feed / friend watch list" !

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4 years, and still nothing?!? Was recommended to visit this page by the IMDB app update. Do they actually read the ideas?
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled More possibilities for you IMDB friends.

There is one thing that really bothers me. My boyfriend and I are big film buffs, I asked him to join IMDB to rate movies and then the problem started. First we had a huge problem to add each other to friends - there are no notifications, no inbox on the main page, in my opinion it should be in a visible place, not that I always go to News&Community -> Message Boards  then I can see my profile picture and "friends" on the right, I have to choose friends then click on my bf's profile picture JUST to go to his profile. Uhhh, that's so troublesome but I see no other choice. When I'm watching his ratings it shows MY ratings to those movies and his rating is really tiny, almost visible there. In my opinion his rating should be bigger, like the IMDB yellow rating and then MY rating could be super small cause it's HIS page I'm looking at.
There is still more that bothers me.
For example when I'm on a certain movie's page I can't see my friends' ratings. There is an information about my rating and if I added this movie to my watchlist but nothing about my friends. It would be AMAZING if I could enter a page and see "your friend X added this movie to his watchlist" or "your friend X rated this movie 5" then I wouldn't have to go to his profile and look for that movie just to see if he saw it... 
This website is really cool but it looks like you never change anything, it should be more "modern" imho, even with the app cause I can't go to my bf's profile from my phone app, this is just so annoying.
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If they just brought back the discussion boards and there also added the option to add other users as friends and see their lists and ratings that would be good. Sadly I dont see any of this happening
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Can you follow other peoples accounts on IMDB?.

Is there a way for IMDb members to be able to follow other IMDb members? Like, I am looking for a way to have my friends know what I have seen and for myself to see what they are watching too. If this isn’t a feature, I highly recommend it as there isn’t really a place that can offer this.
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I don't care about connecting IMDB to FB or to RL friends.  IMDB is about movies, and I want to read the reviews of people who previously wrote good reviews.  This is not the criterion by which I choose my friends.